God Of War 3 Review: Succeeds as a Trinity- Gameguru

Gameguru "God of War 3 is a good action game but since we have seen most of the mechanics work in its previous games they feel washed out. This does imply that it's not satisfying to see Kratos drenched in the blood of his enemies but the problem is that it is not completely consistent throughout. It brings closure to the trilogy in a spectacular fashion but when looked upon as an action/slasher game in the sea, it falls weak. We believe it suffers from the Halo 3 syndrome where if you loved Halo 1 and 2 you would love all Halos created."

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Niles3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

8.5 not a 9-10 blasphemous...How dare they...

281219863197d ago

sarcasm that you imply here for a review need not flow with what the world says...For instance I cant stand floyd though they are one of the best musicians in the world...

Nike3197d ago

An "8.5" review for God of War 3. huh.

This should be labelled under "crimes against humanity". :|

281219863197d ago

....I dont quite understand the crimes against humanity this does not even go on metacritic...Only the one with EDGE does...

Nike3197d ago

Ooooh, sneaking in the EDGE review. Nice sucker punch. Well, it doesn't matter what EDGE thinks or what this site thinks. So long as all the PS3 gamers love this game - just like the majority of the game media unabashedly loves and supports it - that's enough. We don't need to worry bout "innovation" or "newness" when the core game is this flawless. Action games like Bayonetta and Darksiders should be taking notes from this bad boy.

raztad3197d ago

I dont understand how the mighty GoW3 can score the same than the GoW1&2 clone "Dante's Inferno". This review is a bad joke.

morganfell3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

And gameguru fails as a game review site...

The God of War titles have continually added new combat weapons, moves, enemies and advancements in game mechanics. But gameguru feel they've been seen before.

But just watch, that dumb site will be positively wowed by a jet pack...

Jinxstar3197d ago

I agree morgan. I bet this dumb site is gonna hit metacritic but G4's review still wont...

I'm tired of reading these types of reviews... "Nothing new"... Morons...

DarK-SilV3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

this site is a joke

A 7 for the graphics !! I think they were blind when they Reviewed heavy rain

raztad3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Oh, Disagree fairies on the loose.

Let me state it clear.

When I learned Dates Inferno (no more than a simple 1:1 clone of GoW2) got 8.5/10 from I was absolutely sure that GoW3 couldnt score less than a perfect 10/10 from the same site. It's just logic.

Still this weak site, managed to score both games the same. Suggesting Dantes Infer is as good as GoW3, which by itself is pretty laughable. You fail hard Gameguru. I hope your sh*ty review dont get any close to metacritic.


Whoever says GoW is a button masher played it on EASY. Probably after dying 5 times game switched to EASY mode.

Gameguru is so full of fail. Blacklisted.

Anon73493197d ago

Oh god no.

Bayonetta had enough god damn QTEs.

I'm sorry, I don't care what games you like but when it comes to saying some other game needs to change to be like some other game other you like, when it doesn't need it.

Bayonetta is an action game, with the greatest combat system of the genre. No game of in the genre requires the same amount of skill as bayonetta does.

Sure you can talk about GoW3's graphics, story, atmosphere, Platformering and other stuff, but that's not stuff I'm looking for in this genre.

I just want a good, fluid combat system. GoW3's combat system is mostly button mashing and mandatory QTEs.

Jinxstar3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )


you must never have played a ninja gaiden game then eh? Also if you think GOW is a button masher then you never played it properly and thats completely obvious.

zeeshan3197d ago

It is an Indian site isn't it? I am not sure if Sony sends review copies to indian gaming websites or do they?

7 for HEAVY RAIN graphics? I know there is a thing called personal opinion but there is another thing called REALITY and FACTS! You turn away from and reality, you are just as bad as a damn fanboy!

The Wood3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Anon7349 is talking out of his rear end. Play the game on hard and you'll get raped for even thinking about button mashing. Stop talking the crap you hear other twits say and listen to somebody whos playing it. This site is entitled to their 'opinion' its just that i was actually looking for a 'review'

gow 3 is not perfection by any means BUT if they feel this and dantes inferno are on par then they have no business expecting people to take them seriously...I dont even care if its different reviewers either as games so similar SHOULD be reviewed by the same person especially since they're so similar and released so close together imo

morganfell3197d ago

anon is the one that wrote the ridiculous article. No wonder he is having a conniption.

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Nike3197d ago

This review is just...god, it's like this guy isn't playing the same game. I've seen the Hades fight and it's arguably one of the bigger highlights in gaming. Yet, this guy has the audacity to call it humdrum and then use it a basis to analyze the whole game (being very uneven and whatnot)? Lame.

281219863197d ago

thanks for showing your support to all the PS3 fans waiting to lunge at the game...The gaming community heartily supports your voice...

Nike3197d ago

It doesn't matter whether they support my views. It's too low a score and standard to be reviewing a classic such as this.

281219863197d ago

*cough cougH* do you even know how to define a classic?

Nike3197d ago

Damn straight I do! It start with "You're wrong!", has an "I'm right" in the middle and then ends with "There will only be chaos!" Enjoy your XBroke Three Sh*tty, hater!

butterfinger3197d ago

It's really sad to see you working overtime. "Do you even know how to define a classic?" Is that seriously the best you can do? I personally know at least 3 of my friends that only own 360s that are pissed they can't play this. I would tell them to buy a PS3, but they seem to be sold out everywhere.

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100003197d ago

summarize why this site has given it an 8.5 Its too long to read and am sleepy...

Nike3197d ago

They fail to see the brilliance of the game. That's all. Apparently, if I don't like God of War, nothing much here will change my mind...then some stuff about Halo that I didn't get. Too much to read indeed. Ugh...

100003197d ago

How did halo come into this review?????? Both are spartans but this is ridiculous...

Nike3197d ago

Exactly what I was thinking! And true spartans aren't like those colourful little gob-smacks from Halo. So comparing Chief to Kratos is just plain wrong. I swear this reviewer is just plain bananas.

butterfinger3197d ago

that people who bought Halo 3 are the ones that loved Halo 1&2, and that is what will happen with God of War III. The only problem is, didn't Halo 3 sell way more copies than 1&2? I'm pretty sure a lot of other people bought it as well.

butterfinger3197d ago

7/10 for gameplay, really? I understand that it is basically the same gameplay as the other two, but how can you score it lower for refining something that was already a ton of fun? At least we all know that reviews aren't going to have an effect on people with this game, especially a review from "Gameguru".

yoghurt3197d ago

Agreed, and as we always say the double standards in the industry are amazing.

Cod4 was great, cod6 was exactly the same gameplay and I mean exactly - yet do you see the complaints? no, critically acclaimed from most people - double standards at it's best

As you say at least people know this is likely the best slash em up this gen, and we get to enjoy it

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