Parents should be stricter with games - Children's Commissioner

Children's Commissioner Dr. Maggie Atkinson has told parents to be stricter with the types of computer games they show to their kids.

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thorstein3197d ago

Well, I didn't vote for her. Instead, I am a responsible parent that chooses what they see and play. Though that coincides with what she says, I sure hope this isn't a public job.

cyguration3197d ago

It should be a public job there are a lot of idiot parents out there.


Anyway, I wish some of those buffoons would keep their kids off the 'M' rated XBL titles (and some PC games) where their little foul-mouthed 12 year old runs amok with all sorts of racial and sexually derogatory language.

Apparently someone is doing something wrong when it seems like there are a bunch of little kids playing mature games and funking up cyberspace with their bratiness.