Will God of War III Succumb to "The Curse of the Trilogy"?

"So with God of War III just around the corner the question is, 'Will mighty Kratos also fall along the road in probably his last in the GoW series?'", posts GG.

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ian723196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

What is this "Curse of the trilogy"? I have never heard of this before.
Edit : Thanks vShinobi It's not really to do with games then.

vShinobi3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

well its mostly for movies as far as i know, Spiderman 3, Batman Forever, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, ect. all bad movies

raztad3196d ago

Guys dont give a hit to this crappy site. They have been hating on GoW for quite while now.

- "GoW3 Combat is not tighter than Bayonetta" article

- A crappy review 8.5/10

And now this sh*t.

GTFU gameguru!!

nefertis3196d ago

GOW3 got alot of haters because of the high reviews. Kratos you are a pimp go on brush your shoulders. Playb3yond