Co-creator of Counter Strike shows new Tactical Intervention Screenshots

PC Games has updated its Tactical Intervention gallery with five new screenshots from this game by Minh Le (Gooseman) - the co-creator of Counter-Strike.

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Marcus Fenix3114d ago

is this game coming to consoles?

ThanatosDMC3114d ago

Most likely going to 360.

radphil3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised since...people say PC gaming is dying, yet they want to move the PC stuff over to consoles.



snaileri3114d ago

No. This game won't be on consoles.
PC exclusive.
I would LMAO if I'd see someone playing Counter-Strike (or a clone of it) with a gamepad :D

HOSe3114d ago

i will definitely be buying this, i need my fix of competitive online fps

HOSe3114d ago

i do not see this game going to consoles. maybe a 1% chance

M_Prime3114d ago

graphics look a bit dated.. but i bet the gameplay will be stellar.. i was hooked on CS once.. and its an intense game.. but now i'm more of a TF2 kinda guy