Unboxing God of War 3 Ultimate Edition

Video showing someone unboxing the God of War 3 Ultimate edition.

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Zedux3197d ago

I just used your code lol!!!

EvilBlackCat3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Cool... d-_-b -*ultimate edition* http://pressthepsbutton.fil...

wow [email protected]_-b how much for that?


Dominus Skin loooooooks wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than the FREE GAMESTOP skin. This one looks freakin awesome.

Dir_en_grey3196d ago

Wish the top of the pandora's box was made so it could be a PS3 stand.

likedamaster3195d ago

So, you pretty much pay extra for a jewelry box?

lol. Lame...

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Blackmoses3196d ago

I thought there was more to that than just Pandora's Box, art book and game....

Oh, well...Pandora's Box is cool and all but I thought there was more.

NateNater3196d ago

Yea I thought it was supposed to come with GoWIII Blood and Metal soundtrack. Did I miss something?

antt33196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

I was reading the comments on the page this was posted from, and missing from the video was the voucher codes. Apparently, the soundtrack and documentary were not included as physical CD's, rather as voucher codes that you use to download. Also there's the code for a skin...forget the name of it.

I didn't buy the CE, but even so, it's disappointing that they didn't include physical CD's/dvd's for the soundtrack and documentary.

Still, it looks like a really cool CE. I would have gotten it if I had the money.

butterfinger3196d ago

you'll be able to eventually get any of the downloadable stuff after a certain amount of time from the PS Store.

Blaze9293196d ago

that's a pretty lame package. But that's just me and I usually don't see why anyone buys special editions of anything. I guess to that audience and collectors it'd be pretty cool.

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supremacy3196d ago

that's it? i mean me personally i would have included in the box..

God of war chains of Olympus psp game
Gof of war collection
God of war 3 ps3 game
and art book+ making of god of war franchise blu-ray.(you know for those without internet connection and all).

Polluted3196d ago

Yeah, for some reason I thought the GoW collection was included too. Still a decent amount of stuff in there, but I'm at that age where having a big old Pandora's box model sitting around my apartment would just be really sad.

NateNater3196d ago

That would cost a lot though. But it would be nice.

Lionsguard3196d ago

The GOW Collection IS included...just for the European Pandora's Box edition..

Bot Smasha3196d ago

You wont see this on the RRODBOX 360

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The story is too old to be commented.