2K Confirms Bioshock 2 DLC was already on the disk.

"There was a bit of confusion about our Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack file size, and I wanted to clear things up for you."

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GLoRyKnoT3176d ago

Pack size: 130KB - You got more of my $ 2K `enjoy it!

rroded3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

they might get a little support like adding a few new maps or something...

still kinda cheesy dlc if you want to go past lvl40 or have access to da new weps you hafta pay. Makes their whole we did it ta keep the playing field level argument kinda lame eh.

glad i rented this instead of buying it tho cause the onlines pretty weak with p2p and tons of lag with way too few players ta b really fun imo

Winter47th3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

I don't know which is worse, having to pay for something on the disc already, or waiting a month to play a content I should'a played on day 1. either way 2K, that's a very low move of you.

Whoever is ready to fork out his $$ to pay for this rip off, you're part of the problem.

Darrius Cole3175d ago

I don't know which is worse either....

On second thought, it's paying for something that I have already paid for.

This is what gaming has come to companies ripping of consumers by preventing them from using content until they pay for it twice.

bruddahmanmatt3175d ago

The stupid thing about this is that 2k could have just gone ahead and released the DLC assets to all players for free via an update, and then charged players for an unlock if they actually wanted access to the content just like Rockstar did with the South Central expansion of Midnight Club: LA. I think a lot of folks wouldn't be as upset if the content and assets weren't already on the disc. I'm not saying one is more right or less wrong than the other, but it's the idea of having content in your possession and being denied access to it that upsets a lot of folks.

Anon19743175d ago

I'm 100% against the idea of company's charging me extra money for content I already bought. What's next? "To see the end of the game, that'll cost you $2.49!"

I love Take Two's games. I've always had an issue with how this company ran itself. Going way back to them going nearly bankrupt, replacing their new board with a board swearing they'd clean the company up and the first thing they did was give huge bonuses to themselves and the consulting company that hired them all. Now the future is nickel and diming your customers? Go **** yourself, Take Two management.

zeeshan3175d ago

Digusting indeed! Anyone who pays for that is the part of this problem.

starvinbull3174d ago

Sign of the times unfortunately.

HSx93174d ago

I bet half of you that are complaining still own Modern Warfare 2, well news to you, they are doing the same thing! DERP!

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tripewire3176d ago

Im waiting for someone to kick up a legal stink over this due to its frequency. I can see them at some stage having to put labels on cases such as "Some included content requires an unlocking fee" as labeling it as Downloadable Content is outright False advertising. The content is not downloadable, but is locked.

In other news, F*** you and the horse you rode in on 2K.

Game industry is turning to sh!t. Kinda makes me sad.

Wii360BeatsPS33176d ago

I guess not, now you hate Valve, EA, Activision, 2K, Microsoft. Who else?. I think you should all grow the **** up and stop acting like children.

WildArmed3175d ago

It's funny how that works.

I think you have a pretty good reason to despise Capcom for making u pay 5$ for whats already on the disc.
Same goes for 2k (i dunt know if their DLC is P2P)

I dont mind paying for DLC as long as it adds new content. I dont like paying extra for what I already have.. it's like paying to unlock all the easter eggs in the game..
Doesnt make sense.

With that said, I dont hate any of them. I just hate their business schemes from time to time.

Vegas3175d ago

It's a shame I can't take anymore of your bubbles.

jessupj3175d ago

Funny thing is, your acting like a butthurt 360 fanboy kid yourself. You might not be able to comprehend it, but there's a very good reason we're upset at those companies.

(EA has redeemed themselves though)

Inside_out3174d ago

What a dumb excuse...These guys got nabbed with there fingers in the cookie jar...plain and simple...I thought DLC was extra content, NOT content already installed on the clowns...I bought this game and I'm not impressed. First game was incredible...I think the graphics have also been downgraded...greed at its worst...

DavidMacDougall3176d ago

I traded it in, don't do DLC for this reason.

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