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BulletToothtony3176d ago

i'm sure the VERY good parts where on pc... even so it looks pretty much on par with MW2..
i dunno why silly hhg would say they're on par with K2.. oh wait that's right.. for hits..

qface643176d ago

if you actually think this is on par with MW2 then you sir are the silly one

Natsu X FairyTail3176d ago

Pretty much on par with MW2?????????????????

smh hating ass mofo. This looks way better than MW2.

FishCake9T43176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

Well i think the graphcs on this game look pretty awesome. Textures look very detailed.
IMO I prefer the brighter lvels here than in the dark levels of K2

swiftshot933175d ago

Graphics are looking really sharp. much better than MW2. The character models though need work.

Microsoft Xbox 3603175d ago

Looks good no doubt about that but Medal of Honor? Man I never liked that franchise.

beans3175d ago

Looks better than KZ2 but to much like the typical War shooter. Hopefully Rage, Reach, Brink, and Crysis all bring something new to the game.

deadreckoning6663175d ago

Personally, I like the art style better than KZ2. So for ME, it looks better than Killzone 2.

M337ING3175d ago

That doesn't mean that the PC version won't look the best, because it will due to the ability to turn up the anti-aliasing levels and screen resolution.

finbars753175d ago

I feel that the HHPG is off a little.Its hard to say that the game is par with killzone2.The game doesnt come out until september but im sure by then that there is a possibilty that it will be as good by then.It looks great right now and the MOH series always had good stories along with great action.Much better then MWF2 thats for sure.As for doing it for hits I doubt it he has a strong fanbase without doing that.MOH cant wait baby.E3 is going to sweet and we will finally see what EA has to show.

Raf1k13175d ago

I agree with Natsu.

This does look a lot better than MW2's SP campaign.

socomnick3175d ago

Those character designs are some of the worst ive ever seen.

Who wants to run around looking like Afghan Hobos.

BattleAxe3175d ago

This game looks awesome. I think this might be what EA needs to overtake CoD. I'm hopeful that Treyarch does a great job on the next CoD and keeps the zombie mode.

Fanb0y3174d ago

Keep in mind children: This is an Unreal Engine game.

If you're complimenting the graphics here, you're also complimenting the engine.

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bioshock12213176d ago

lol didn't the hiphopgamer say it looks right on par with Killzone 2 another fail article from the HHG

DelbertGrady3176d ago

Looks amazing! Smooth framerate and extremely detailed graphics.

They are not hiding the graphics by making everything dark and using lo-res textures for environments like in Killzone 2. And I bet the controles are better as well.

Looks like MOH is coming back with a BOOM!

Kleptic3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

? low res textures in killzone 2 dincus?...dude that game was the first to stream uncompressed HD textures off a BD in real time...look at the ground anywhere in killzone 2...there are no better console textures than that, at least there were not until uncharted 2...which does the same thing...try that on a rivaling console, you cant even fit uncompressed HD textures on a DVD for a game that has more than a single level...let alone that the processor would be able to stream them in in the background...

light levels and and other art decisions where based on creating an environment that they wanted...and killzone 2 did that in wasn't to hide uses similar technology to uncharted 2 for texturing and lighting...and BOTH games are easily regarded as the best looking titles of this generation...we all know you hate the PS3, but take it easy...hating it doesn't change the fact that its titles trash competition visually...MS did a great job of creating a bright and fluffy little shooter for those of you still worried about the dark...just stop assuming the rest of us like purple as much as you...

on a different that Nolan North narrating?...Nathan Drake is part of tier 1 now?...

Xwow20083175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

for ur information i thought that BFBC2 will have better textures than KZ2 from i saw from the pics and finally today i played it on PC(max sittings. i have great pc with ati 4870 1GB).

iam really surprised to see KZ2 textures is far better than BFBC2,MOH is no different it idd look good but KZ2 still own,KZ2 engine is really a cutting edge tech.

EDIT: Can some 1 plz tell me why a ps web site like is having a xbox360FFXIII bundle ads!!
IS Ms that desperate? :)

captain-obvious3175d ago

"They are not hiding the graphics by making everything dark and using lo-res textures for environments like in Killzone 2."

did ou even play killzone2 ??
i mean low res textures ???
sorry but no

Corepred43175d ago

oh pop, i think you were talking about alan wake for a second there! haha

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xaviertooth3176d ago

looks gimped, i wonder if its 576p. oh this is multiplat!

arakouftaian3175d ago

The only game that has more textures than kz2 is
crysis one and that's if you run it in a exensive pc
and they are few levels in kz2 that do not look mindblowing
but some levels look better than crysis but kz2 is more
than just nice grafics but nerds or hates do not understand that

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