Medal Of Honor Graphics Is Comparable To Killzone 2 Oh My God

EA has easily reclaimed the number one spot over Activision showing this level of game quality.

First Bad Company 2 now Medal Of Honor, this game is going to make jaws drop and necks break when you see the trailer of the next gen Medal Of Honor.

Get ready for a multi-player beta coming soon

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PoSTedUP2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

glad to hear though. hopefully the game is great because you need a lot more then good graphics to have a good game.

crysis2 will have good graphics too, but like i said, it takes more then good graphics, halo3 is fun as hell and the graphics arent good for the most part (good artstyle) because halo3 offers a lot with features. killzone2 offers a lot Technically, it just dosent sit there and Look good....!

@ swiftshot below- yeah cod4... KZ2 was great single player, was ok multiplayer but didnt do it for me either. im playing operation flashpoint and its my new fav. i just started playing halo3, its fun with friends for a bit, but not my thing to sit and play for hours...
im actually playing all games that were over looked because of bad reviews (gaming politics) like right now im playing mercs2 and having a blast (pun unintended...). darksector, army of two 40th... i love them all. i shall never look or listen to another review again.

swiftshot932830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Regarding Medal of Honor...Im ready for a new FPS fix. CoD4 was my game, but MW2 f1cked up too many things (most of all its just not balanced). KZ2 didnt do it for me, neither does BC2 (I prefer fast paced shooters) and Halo is getting a bit old. I need a new shooter, I need the true sequel to CoD4...

socomnick2830d ago

Sigh when will hip hop idiot stop making stories. His stupidity hurts my brain. Also MOH is running on unreal engine 3. MOH has some potential but the character designs are horrendous.

DJKGBYF2830d ago

I just don't see Medal of Honor as having potential. There are too many Call of Duty fans now, and I don't think most of them realize which game came first. If the multiplayer is "too hard" like I think most CoD players will think, then I just don't see it selling a lot. If you have people that would rather run around with dual shotguns, a knife at speeds faster than the Flash, and play an FPS with perks designed to make the game easier for them, I just don't see them playing a game where you have to work with other people.

pimpmaster2830d ago

oh god, HHG you got me again. this guy always comes up with the most flamboyant titles on the site. after noticing who the article was from then i was like ... ohh ...i doubt itll be anywhere near kz2 but nice try at getting hits.

deadreckoning6662830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Well HipHop, you know ur graphics so if u say MOH's graphics are comparable to KZ2 then I believe you.

EDIT: Oh crap, hes right guys. There about to show a world premeire Medal of Honor trailer RIGHT NOW on GTTV!

2830d ago
evrfighter2830d ago

called it. He spent the last few weeks farming ps3 fanboys here at n4g. Now he's done the 180 and is farming everyone else.

this article was created strictly for n4g.

GiantEnemyCrab2830d ago

I wanna see Hip Hop Gamer punch you in the face.


menoyou2830d ago

*cough cough* BULLSH*** *cough cough*

inveni02830d ago

I read that and was like: Whaaaaat? I have to see this!

Then, I saw who posted it and decided I have no interest in seeing it until E3.

SullyDrake2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

It's just blatantly obvious that the only games to surpass KZ2 graphically have been other PS3 exclusives. I own all three consoles, a Sony Bravia 32", HDMI and the best games of each system, and there is nothing 360 exclusive or multiplatform that even comes close to KZ2 graphically. The closest game is FFXIII, but that's only the PS3 version.

MOH is being developed on PS3 and ported to 360, so that is the only way it will come close to KZ2, and it'll only be the PS3 version.

HHG, stop giving us your ridiculous opinions and just stick to insider info and previews please.

Neo6042830d ago

sound like multi disc and sub HD on xbox360 version.

gta28002830d ago

If lead development is on the PS3, then shiet, I believe Hip Hop Gamer. We already seen what the PS3 is capable of. Get some dedicated devs who aren't lazy, fully utilize the PS3's power and you can get your self a 1st party quality game. If they develop MOH on PS3 to it's full potential, then port it to 360, then expect a weaker 360 port. No BS.

Harry_Manback2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )


omg omg omg

**Jumps out window**

captain-obvious2830d ago

now all the PS3 fanboys well hate him
and all the xboxfanboys well love him

last time it was the other way around

ChozenWoan2830d ago

I'll be moving along now.

Now I have to worry about HipHopGeraldo not just on Sundays anymore...
darn it!!!

Flame bait.

solar2830d ago

so we got Gay Gamers, HipHop Gamers, Lesbian Gamers, Girl Gamers, etc. when are we going to have Gamer Gamers on N4G?

qface642830d ago

man i clicked the video thinking it was gonna show the new trailer -_-
i didn't notice the hiphopgamer until the video played

lol though you see the EA guy just laughing

Nike2830d ago

Lies are the new truth, oh my god!

Millah2830d ago

Hmm after watching the trailer, I'll admit the graphics do look quite nice. Certainly a notch above MW2. Not quite KZ2 though. The character models still don't even come close.

sid4gamerfreak2830d ago

When i first saw this article i was like, wtf and then later i realized it was from hiphopgamer and i then imagined his face and me punching hard at it

morganfell2830d ago

Actually the game doesn't just run on the Unreal 3 engine. The SP runs on U3 and the MP runs on Frostbite.

2830d ago
ABizzel12830d ago

Medal of Honor should come out March of next year. They are not going to be able to compete with Call of Duty, even if it isn't IW's turn this year, or even if the game is better. If anything they'll be able to sale an equal amount of copies. 5 mil to 5 mil.

I think they should take the Battlefield Route and come out every 2 years in March.

Takoulya2830d ago

I agree completely. The graphics look incredible, but nowhere near KZ2's. All in all, I do believe KZ2 has the best console graphics yet; a close tie with U2. There are so many small details in the engine, that it is incomparable with most other games. U2 has amazing character models and environments. Both games are extremely polished, and are simply stunning to look at. The reason I like KZ2's graphics over U2's is because of the details and the dark, gritty environments. Also, the lighting is incredible.

2830d ago
otherZinc2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

I cant stand EA but now, this game has a strong possibility of making my buyers list for the fall.

If its co-op it may be a definite buy.
Great job HipHop!

However, with: Halo:Reach, Ghost Recon, COD, Medal of Honor, & maybe Resistance, something may have to give?

Takoulya2829d ago

Relax, please. I too like HHG (for the most part) but MoH's graphics are not comparable to KZ2's. Trust me. Also, I do believe that the previous title was about MoH's graphics actually being better than KZ2's. Please, leave all your blind love for HHG out, and look at his content, not his name. This also goes for the HHG haters.

ThanatosDMC2829d ago

So it's only going to be a PS3 exclusive then? Didnt think so... so multiplats wont come close unless they gimped the other system.

TrailerParkSupervisr2829d ago

You kill me.

OT: I watched that whole, silly clip thinking I would see some footage. All I saw was speculation and a ridiculous amount of "son" and "yos"


I am also highly suspect that when I do see some footage, I will be looking for a m/k. I'm sorry, but there is not a console game out there that does not look leaps and bounds better on a PC. I am not downplaying consoles at all, I just stayed up all night playing FF on my PS3 and took Tuesday off from work so I can do the same thing with GoW3.

Just saying, the guts of the consoles just don't hold a candle to a high end graphics card and quad core processor. It is what it is.

rroded2829d ago

jus wish i could take this guy serious

but after his gi joe is the shizzle review....

dude realy needs some kinda objectivity imo

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TrevorPhillips2830d ago

Medal of Honor is gonna be great after looking at the trailer I was like no way that cannot be the graphics and it ended up did.

2830d ago
rucky2830d ago

For a second I thought it was Sunday already! Don't scare me like that.

TrevorPhillips2830d ago


Sunday - HipHopGamerShow

Mon - Fri - he does vidicles.

Shout out to HipHopGamerShow.

Eiffel2829d ago

Thanks for the schedule, I'll know when to avoid certain articles.

harrisk9542830d ago

Fooled me into clicking the link... AGAIN!!