GDC: Crytek demos Crysis 2 on CryEngine 3

Crytek are flexing their muscles at GDC by showcasing the latest technologies and progress for their next version of CryEngine.

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SonySoldiers3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )


trancefreak3175d ago

Wow I cant wait for this and dev partners to start making console games with the cry engine 3. Looks amazing and crytek hats off too your team to making such beauty.

I gotta get crysis 2 on my pc to add to my crysis collection.

Also this engine looks like a win win for all platforms. The pc is smoking hot and the console versions look great. This game engine could allow consoles to achieve a longer life cycle with this type of technology.

EvilBlackCat3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )


LETS wait for THE PC + PS3 + Xbox360 comparison

trancefreak3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

This engine rocks but look @ the detail in this pic. Its the sandbox editor displaying a warehouse on the 360 and ps3. Look @ the detail, clarity and lighting in the ps3 version wow.

The 360 version looks nice but you can clearly see the lack of detail and blur.

Btw the pc version is just truly amazing

Nvm i cant upload the pic for some reason.

Shaman3175d ago

Not to be a *** but you do understand that 360 version is running real time sandbox editor,and the ps3 is "offline".Hence the PC and 360 version looking identical and ps3 looking different,its because PC and 360 are actually in editor,and ps3 is not.

Your theory would mean that ps3 has better lightning then PC(in this case PC has probably 4GB of ram because you are running dev kit on it)which feels short when you actually realize that ps3 is not in realtime editor like 360 and PC.

Game/engine looks fantastic...

trancefreak3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

was only going by what I saw in the video. Dont know all the ins and outs im just applauding crytek but 360 looked the weakest imo no matter what was going on there.

I bought crysis day 1 on my pc and i will not be fng around with the console version. I want the pc version for various reasons but i think everyone will get a beautiful game here.

Btw thanks for the info but i dont see no offline ps3 version. I watched other vids and the ps3 was doing the same live sandbox as the xbox.

Ill take your word on it since i dont live and breath crysis and dont hang out in the incrysis forums.

trancefreak3174d ago

Shaman I see what you mean i saw the cam videos from the gdc demo how the xbox 360 was the only one running and the scripting wasnt working on the ps3.

On the screen where the dev first tries loading both game system though the ps3 looked penomanal. To bad we didnt see it in action though.

Crytek I love you :)

TABSF3175d ago

Yep can't wait to play this with DX11 and 4xAA if I get GTX 470, otherwise I will still enjoy it just with out AA

I hate jaggies

ATi_Elite3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

My man Prophet! This guy is hardcore. While everyone else (Nomad & Psycho) left Crysis island he went back by himself to finish off the Aliens.

Crysis 2 PC should have used the Cryengine 2 and told the story of Prophet when he went back alone. That would have been cool.

TABSF3175d ago

Why use Cry Engine 2 when its limited to DX10.1, SM 4.1 and does not have tessellation

The PC version of Crysis 2 (using Cry Engine 3) has full support for DX11, SM 5.0 Tessellation

The Console version will only support DX9, SM 3.0 and will not feature Tessellation

fullmetal2973175d ago

The story is set 3 years after the first, meaning Nomad and Psycho failed and probably died in the attempt to stop the aliens.

comp_ali3175d ago

Approvers sucks nowadays.
There is a feautre called "add damn alternate source" Even if you like the game too much (me included) no need to spam the site with tons of dupes , that applies on consoles fanboys as well.

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