GamesRadar: Alpha Protocol Updated Impressions

After some action-packed super-secret spy hijinks, you slink back to your Rome safehouse. Are you in for a roll in the sack, or a taser to the chest? Depends on decisions you made hours ago, so you can't simply reload your save until you're knocking boots. Welcome to Alpha Protocol, the spy thriller RPG that features not only branching endings, but branching middles.

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showtimefolks3173d ago

i am very excited for this game and like many know that this was suppose to come out in fall of 09 around spetember and without any news it got delayed many wondered what happend.

so hopefully the extra time really helped out the game i still say it needs more polish and like few at GDC said polish is the last thing devs do so hopefully before it releases it starts to look better but bigger thing is it plays better.

ign did a preview around its release and when they got a review cop they were not really pleased and so was other media sites so sega gave the extra time and said they expect this game to be their AAA title in 2010.

showtimefolks3173d ago

i think in AP what takes place we will see a lot of those things in agent but with major improvements what i mean is if something really works for this spy title and gets a huge fan response expect RS to take notice can't waite till E3 to see both these titles

one thing i didn't know is agent has been in devolpment since 2007 so a 2010 is 50/50 but summer 2011 is looking more like it just like MGS4 and GTA4 were in 2008 summer.

hopefully quality is just as good if not better

off topic again:

just cause 2 demo really made me chnage my mind i went from buying to bargin bin all it tries to do is over the top but that can get boring really fast