1UP: Yakuza 3 Review

This is a fantastic game, with so much fun to throw your way you'd think you were playing wide receiver with Santa Claus as QB. Buy it, and may the soles of your white, crocodile-skin shoes always find the upturned noses of those who underestimated you.

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Dylantalon13174d ago

ps3 is the future and the future is ps3.

militant073174d ago

and talon stand for talanted

DelbertGrady3174d ago

You mean "the talon stands for taleneted"?

Lol! HHG class.

gaffyh3174d ago

@Soda - So you tried to correct his spelling of "talented," but got it wrong yourself. LMAO, try not being a d!ck once in a while.

DelbertGrady3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

Umm, no. That's why I wrote HHG class. He actually spells it that way. Seems like he's got a new account though.

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callahan093174d ago

I wholeheartedly agree with this review. I was playing it today and the story is so deep, the characters so fully fleshed out, the world full of so many things to do and places to go and (actually good) minigames to play. The combat is awesome, the character progression is awesome, and the sheer amount of content both in terms of story and gameplay is pretty much unmatched anywhere this side Bethesda's open-world RPGs. Oh, and the graphics, music, and voice acting are all great as well. How Edge managed to give this a 6, I will never know. That's such a low-ball score for such a huge, epic, fun videogame.

The Wood3174d ago

the quicker we forget them the better. Them guys are all over 50 with degrees in pompousness and msasslicking;)

morganfell3174d ago

I absolutely agree on Edge...and a few other sites full of biased, paid reviews. I played the Yakuza demo and my copy is waiting on me once I fly back Sunday. Can't wait to bury myself in this one.

akiraburn3174d ago

Dude, if you think Yakuza 3 is amazing, you should check out the Yakuza 4 demo on the Japan PS store. It's like a massive leap forward in everything, and Yakuza 3 was already an amazing title. On the topic of cut content, I'm around 25 hours into Yakuza 3 right now, and while there is some stuff that was cut, I have to say that it's not too tremendous at all. It's enough though that really die-hard Yakuza fans like me may end up buying the imported release as well, but not so much that anyone else is missing out on anything really drastic.

I personally would have liked the hostess club, Shogi, and the couple missions they had to cut, but other than that there wasn't too much that I feel I really wanted that the other releases had. Yakuza 3 is still VERY robust with content, and it's all really good. I can't stress enough that more people need to check this franchise out, since I think they would like it.

I've seen a lot of people harping on the graphical content, but honestly I don't see the problem. Considering it's over a year old, the game looks like a masterpiece. Even without that in mind, I think everyone should take a look at each part of the game and the subtle things that you normally wouldn't notice, but other games definitely don't do. The attention to detail is key here. The fact that when Kazuma is slicing a onion, they show the onion being sliced and how each piece sort of falls as it's cut. Or when you play any of the mini games, how each of them has a full sense of it's individuality. There are some areas that maybe could have used touch-up, but overall, I think thanks to the fluid animations and subtle content, this game makes up for a slightly lower resolution texture here and there.

I could rant on about each aspect of the game being epic, but I won't simply I will suggest that if you are on the fence about the game or interested at all, please do yourself a favor and check it out. If you are scared they cut too much content from this version, trust me, they did not by far. You can still go bowling, golfing, all three kind gambling games, karaoke, pool, darts, fighting arena, and way too much more to even begin to touch on.

While I do hope Sega releases some of the content they cut as DLC (preferably free DLC), even if they don't Yakuza 3 is still easily a 9.5 in my book. I will say, Sega had better put on their "A game" though with localizing Yakuza 4, and get it released a little quicker than how long they took with this. I'd also love to see "Yakuza Kenzan!" (aka Rya Ga Gotoku Kenzan!) released over here, but I doubt that will happen at this point (since it was released before Yakuza 3 in Japan).

Viper73174d ago

As some 1 else said here before

"6 / 7 is pretty good score from Edge"

Homicide3173d ago

How about you guys just ignore Edge instead of whining and screaming bias everytime the Edge review scores are out?

AKS3173d ago

EDGE plays gamers like a violin. It's just sad considering gamers are the one giving them such power. Personally, after they game Gunstar Heroes, one of my all-time favorites, a 6/10 with a woefully inadequate justification, I was done with them. They demonstrated to me that they weren't credible, consistent, or useful to me as far as shopping for new games. I evaluated the source and deemed that it was not credible. Done. Why can't the rest of you figure that out?

Many of you seem to torture yourselves with "How can ODST get a higher score than MGS4?" and try to find some sort of twisted rationalization that "they're just tellin' it like it is" or "I guess they just use the whole scale," which still does nothing to explain their clear inconsistencies and biases. Even those who despise them seem to give them endless attention and publicity by watching their every move and review score. Do you guys really find their review text justifies their fickle choices? Their numerical selections seem like a joke to me.

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crck3174d ago

Sega should have really held off on releasing this game. Putting it out on the same day as FF 13 was idiotic if not suicidal. Would it really have been that bad to push it out to April or May?

Simon_Brezhnev3174d ago

I agree i read somewhere that said if we want Yakuza 4 it depends on sales of Yakuza 3. Sega is just stupid releasing it like you said releasing it on FF13 release date and a week before GOW3.

Yi-Long3174d ago

... should have been to give us the complete game, instead of a cut game (and lying to us about it).

I was really looking forward to this game, but once again Sega has managed to make decisions which are incomprehensible.

dredgewalker3174d ago

I don't know about that. Im regretting buying FF13 right now and wishing we bought Yakuza instead. PS3 games have long legs and the sales accumulates even after a few years, you just have to look at MGS4.

crck3174d ago

@3.3 Yeah you may be regretting your choice to buy FF13 but which one did you end up purchasing? And you won't be alone.

dredgewalker3174d ago

you are right, but i am going to try to sell or trade it for Yakuza. Bought FF13 cause i was trying to find out wether or not Square still has the magic that made me fall in love with FF, but i got dis-illusioned.

morganfell3174d ago

Someone else complaining about the hostess game. I haven't met a single person that had to wade through that in Yakuza 2 that wanted to deal with that again.

But then again certain people will grab any straw to damn a PS3 title.

SaiyanFury3173d ago

I'm a longtime fan of the series, and I loved the club managing sub-quest in the second game. Fun, but not required. I'm still convinced that SEGA will release a DLC pack with the hostess clubs. Afterall, I got my preorder from Gamestop and it included two pieces of DLC. I looked at the size of both and they were both only 100KB. That told me they were only unlocking patches for stuff already on the disc. Hostess clubs are certainly not necessary, but they do add something else fun to do to an already massively flushed out game with so many things to do. I got Yakuza 3 instead of FF13, and boy I haven't been disappointed. It's great!

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showtimefolks3174d ago

yakuza 3 will sell well i have a few friends who work at gamestop etc,

and they said unless you had yakuza 3 pre-ordered they ran out i don't know whether they were expecting low sales or what not i still say before 2010 is over yakuza 3 will hit atleast a million that means yakuza 4 same time 2011

a man can dream lol

callahan093174d ago

I think it'll sell well, but not a million. I'm guessing between 250,000 and 500,000. And make no illusions about that, those are good sales numbers for products like Yakuza 3. Demon's Souls moved about that many and nobody expected it to be anywhere near that, so for that game, those were huge numbers and it was sold in a lot of places (particularly the deluxe edition). Yakuza 3 is in that same boat. If it can move a couple hundred thousand, Sega will consider it a definite success. I think the PS2 ones sold a combined less than 100,000 if I'm not mistaken. I know Yakuza 2 was about 50,000 in the West. Topping that would probably be considered "good enough" for Sega.

Hakimy3174d ago

I hope so but I'm not sure about that.I mean look at N4G,besides the IGN review,almost all ps3 fans here show no interest about Yakuza 3 reviews.though we should count that N4G fanboys don't represent all ps3 fans.remember when all fanboys here said that ps3 fans won't buy bayonetta and dante's inferno? well it turned out that the worldwide sales showed that those games sold better on ps3.hell so far bayonetta sales worldwide on the ps3 are more than dakrsiders! a game which most fans here try to say that it's better.what's even scary is that dante's inferno might beat both games in sales XD this also shows that ps3 fans like variety so lets hope that the fans reaction here doesn't represents other fans reaction as well ;)

showtimefolks3174d ago

don't know for sure but yakuza 1 did well 2 did bad

but the reason i said it could do 1 million is just the way ps3 exclusives sell after GOW3 some people will consider this and its been getting good reviews and some great ones

as long as we get yakuza 4 in mannerable time i don't care and both of us don't know what sega considers success because why would you put this against GOW3 and FF13?

but i think if this game does 500k sony will make sure we see yakuza 4 hopefully in 2010 but maybe even in 2011

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