PSP-3000 TA-093 Motherboard Outed, Smaller PSP On The Horizon?

A user who goes by the pseudonym of Flasher over at French site PSPGen recently cracked open his newly bought PSP, uncovering a never-before-seen motherboard revision: TA-093. Highlights include the removal of a micro-processing unit that was present on earlier boards and a modified UMD latching mechanism. In addition, other on-board components have been shrunk or removed entirely.

Is Sony paving the way for a smaller PSP?

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Noctis Aftermath3196d ago

PSP-4000 is a not a matter of if but when, most likely just before PSP2 announcement.

prodg523195d ago

to buy a new PSP after mine was stolen this year. I have a feeling something is going to be announced as soon as I make the purchase (PSP2 or PSP phone).

MAG_SVER3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

That's exactly what I was thinking, you can't get any smaller than a PsP-Phone. I love PsP's, but if it's another handheld good luck pressing those small buttons.


Uncharted 2 sales are now over 3 million in less than 6 months, great news for all fans of the series & hope they continue considering the success of the sequel.

TANUKI3195d ago

Oh phew, I was looking to buy a PSP 3000. I'll wait to see what the new one is like first (just in case).

TruUnknowN3195d ago

Cheaper components could mean that we might see a price drop for it, and if they share the same components for the PSP Go, then we should see a price drop from that as well. :P