NPD: Heavy Gamers Have Greatest Purchasing Power

The NPD Group has revealed new data from its recent report, Gamer Segmentation II. Even though the Heavy Gamer segment represents just 2 percent, NPD's data (based on survey responses from 11,638 members of NPD's online consumer panel) shows that this tiny segment of the market spends more on games (PC, console and handheld) than any other group. In fact, in the last quarter, the Heavy Gamer segment purchased more than six times as much per individual and eight times more than the average when compared to the largest segment, Avid PC Gamers.

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PS360WII4181d ago

Yea I agree with that. All I have to say is look at the attach rate of any 360 owner. I know I have 18... I only play 2 or 3 of them but I got 18. I can say that with all the systems though I buy way to many... 19 for Wii 6 for PS3 heck that's not even counting downloaded games which I have a plenty of too. I have a ridiculous amount of VC games, 8 DL for PS3, and 14 arcade games for 360.

Dlacy13g4181d ago

Hardcore gamers definitely are the core buyer market.

On a related side note, Nintendo may have opened up a new segment of users for their system, but for the most part they are not hardcore gamers...and I think you can see that reflected in their software sales. And is a reason why 3rd party support still is a mixed bag for them even with their high console numbers. It's gonna be interesting to watch teh attach rates for all these consoles this holiday.

Lex Luthor4181d ago

hehe. i love Mean Girls. Hilarious