Nintendo Would "Happily" Make Kid Icarus Wii

Yoshio Sakamoto, one of the creators behind popular Nintendo platformer Kid Icarus, says Nintendo hasn't ruled out bringing a new title in the series to the Wii, they just haven't yet figured out how to.

"I don't know personally about any project underway regarding Kid Icarus, but if so many of those people are interested in it and really want to see it on the Wii they should really speak up," Sakamoto told Kotaku in an interview today.

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thorstein3176d ago

So, what is stopping them? Power outages? Lack of money? What?

"Hi, I have an incredible franchise that could pull in millions: but I don't like money."

Christopher3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

Edit: Weird, posted to the wrong story...

presto7173175d ago

Sony and Microsoft are busting their asses but what is Nintendo doing? Milking sh*t. Nothing new from them

N4g_null3175d ago

This post only has 25 comments. If you want it then you better speak up. So many come and have asked for this game yet they only comment on negative nintendo story. I think nintendo knows when smoke is being blown up it's azz lol. You guys don't want these games and even if you did get a chance to make it what would you want it to be a mega man 10? To test the waters then you can vote with your money.

WildArmed3175d ago

Oh man that'd be interesting.

Nintendo has one of the most endeared characters in it's pocket and it's afraid to use half of em :(

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dktxx23176d ago

"but if so many of those people are interested in it and really want to see it on the Wii they should really speak up"

ummm.. they haven been... since like e3 2008... when ur show really sucked and had no good core games on display...

hell, no kid icarus has been one of the reasons every year people are disappointed by your e3 exhibits

blue7xx73176d ago

They probably are making it they are just being coy about it until it's ready.

Redempteur3176d ago

seriously since kid icarus appearance in smash bros , everyone want another game .. it's not like you have to market the character's still fresh in the mind of gamers AKA "people will buy it"


tristanmike3176d ago

Where the hell do I "Speak up" ? I've always wondered this. You'll see a company come out and say, "Here's what you've been asking for." but no one I know asked for whatever it is they were offering. Or conversely, you have Ninty saying, "You want it, speak loudly," but where ? Email ? Go to the corporate office ? Write my member of Parliament ? What mystical forum are these guys all on looking for what people supposedly want ?

Tell me, 'cause I'll go there and ask for this personally. :P

chaostheory3175d ago

@ tristanmike
Send an E-mail or see if Nintendo has official forums and post it their. You don't need to ask in person you can use the internet. You probably don't even need to use Nintendo's official sight, game developers often use forum comments to show interest in a game or game feature when pitching to publishers so I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't keep track of major news and fan sites.

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holyorangecows23176d ago

Then make it Nintendo people have been wanting this game for quite a while so what is stopping you.

tunaks13176d ago

let retro studios handle it

bioshock12213176d ago

This they know how to make great games Metroid prime 3 corruption was awesome.

Valay3176d ago

Man...I'd really like to see Kid Icarus Wii.

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