Kasumi DLC Confirmed, Detailed

The first paid DLC for Mass Effect 2 was announced today, and it serves to confirm and enhance some details that had already been heavily rumored. The new DLC is titled "Kasumi's Stolen Memory" and while it does add Kasumi to the game, it also features a new, roughly 90-minute heist mission.

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Midgard2283196d ago

everytime i c a title with the name kasumi from this game i get semi hyped its dead or alive related......then my hopes are shattered when i see the mass effect picture lol

Reibooi3196d ago

I always think the exact same thing. When are we gonna get DOA 5.

Midgard2283196d ago

one can only wish :(

my gf is freakin out wonderin wen doa5 will come lol.

tho bak on topic, yeah bioware seems to be shovin dlc down throats of their customers, i mean they always have tons of day 1 content, like that crazy 25 bucks worth of dlc for dragon ages launch, guess they takin advantage of the dlc bandwagon aswell :/

RagTagBnd4453196d ago

I just hope it will be worth price.

Solbadguy3196d ago

needs to tone down their DLC. I just can't keep up between Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2. The Dragon Age expansion is coming at the same time as GOW3 and End of Eternity. I've never been so overwhelmed with games releases this much in my life.

ASSASSYN 36o3196d ago

Should I be excited over content that is already on the disc. The download for this will be instantaneous. And Kasumi was leaked a month ago.