Bodycount Inspired By Lady Gaga

Bodycount, the game from Black creator Stuart Black running on the EGO engine from Codemasters, might have shown its hand in terms of screens, but its inspiration isn't quite so obvious – Lady Gaga?

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'' Issue 213 of Edge is out next week, and as usual is a brilliant read.''

From Edge? Really?

Athlon3172d ago

Yeah. I remember reading about that and watching the expose videos on her, Jay Z, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Kanye. It's sad and shocking at the same time.

TheBand1t3172d ago

Illuminati? Haha. Okay.

HighDefinition3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

Your right......sorry.

It`s as simple as one word.

Many things get passed over as nothing, on a daily basis. From the naming of the months, the naming of the days of the week. Some things just don`t get noticed until you want to notice them.

Megaton3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

^ and some people read too deeply into things, reading between lines that aren't there.

Aaroncls73172d ago

I didn't understand ...

HighDefinition3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

I completely agree.

But, I`ve been looking into this for years and I`m pretty confident my mind isn`t playing tricks on me. Also, MKultra DID 100% exist so this is no "fairytale". It started with my interest in psychology and in general learning about the brain and kinda just grew from there.

TheBand1t3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

NWO. Be afraid.

HighDefinition3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

It does say it on the back of american money, or is that untrue also??? LOL. I guess I`m looking into that too much too. :)

So......You kinda just owned yourself bro. Good job. Continue on......

Your kinda proving how ez it is to operate around uneducated people.

TheBand1t3172d ago

Out of curiosity, why would a secret (emphasis on SECRET)organization leave clues to it's existance, when it so clearly wants to pull strings from behind the scenes with no one knowing the wiser?

Just saying, 'bro.'

HighDefinition3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

As you`ve made clear people don`t know, in mass numbers anyway. I would say a display of dominance more than **CLUES**, this isn`t a movie.

Continue on.....

BTW, Did you know 96% of all $$$ produced is circulated between 2.5% of the population. Let me guess I`m making that one up to.......cause they`ll teach you that in ANY social classes/**programs** in post secondary education. Personally I would think those 2.5% are in that CRAZY of me.

Cause you choose to be ignorant of these thing doesn`t mean they don`t exist.

Man, the DEFINTION of ignorance is the Food industry. Like they say......what they don`t know, won`t hurt them. LOL.

HolyOrangeCows3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Inspired by Lady Gaga? LOL, what the?

3171d ago
STONEY43171d ago

C'mon guys, it's REALLY obvious when almost every music video she makes has the Eye of Ra in it, has to do with mind control, has an All Seeing Eye somwhere, , a reptillian-human race, or just has any Illumanati symbol. You think it's just randomly there? Even her actual bedroom has the Eye of Ra in it (as seen in a documentary)

Christopher3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Edge does deliver some good info. I do have to admit that you have to be aware and learn to ignore the BS they put into Sony-centric articles. Edge definitely likes to please Microsoft and Nintendo, but they do bring some good developer reviews. It's their opinion pieces that are typically total sh!te.

Re: Eye of Ra/Horus - It's a symbol of protection. Not a symbol of world domination.

Re: Maxing out the power of a console - Thank heaven a developer comes clean and say that maxing it out isn't the same as pushing it to its limits for the benefit of the gamer.

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ATi_Elite3172d ago

they should re release Black on pC so i can give it a go

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