Gabe Newell Pokes Fun At Microsoft (With A Twist)

PlayStrum writes: "Valve founder and former Microsoft employee, Gabe Newell, went up on stage during the 2010 Game Developers Choice Awards to accept his Pioneer Award and talk a bit about what it takes to be pioneers in the video game industry. During his speech, as he was to pull up a brief Power Point presentation, a (rehearsed) mishap occurred."

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rroded3203d ago


gabe u should do stand up full time

ryuzu3203d ago

Yeah maybe he'd lose some weight.

If the standing didn't help, his poor material would have him eating Ramen once a day in no time lol


Supraman213203d ago

Stand up? Making him stand up 1 to 2 hours? Dam you must really hate Gabe Newell

itisa3203d ago

He's an ex-Micro$oft Employee.

Perjoss3203d ago

wow, are you guys like 11 years old? if you're going to mock the man at least come up with something witty.

GameGambits3203d ago

It looks like to tailor his suit they had to go make it out of his living room curtains to find enough material.

Gabe is fat. :)

Aaroncls73202d ago

Nice one. I wish more companies would do stuff like that.
Creativity is refreshing.

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tyrex3203d ago

Keeps posting articles where the link to the site doesn't work. come on guys I know you want my hit to get that alexa rank a goin lol

Das_Bastardion3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

I don't see why they gave him a pioneer award.

John Carmack sure deserves an award like this, not this guy... pioneer?, for real? i dont see any breaktrough in video games thanks to this guy.

His company doesn't even try to program for the cell, what kind of pioneer is this guy then? lazyness?

Pandamobile3203d ago

Uh, seriously? You don't think creating a platform that over 25 million people use to buy games, and completely changing the face of the games industry deserves a pioneering award?

Sony fanboys these days...

iamgoatman3203d ago

Damnit Panda! You beat me to it.

Vicophine3203d ago

If thats the case then sure does Steve Jobs... so not, he doesn't deserve praise.

TheOutsider3202d ago

The only thing this fat a$$ needs is a Large pizza with red ring pepperonis! ha microsofts mascot!!!

SonyWarrior3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

gabe gets fatter and uglier each time he shows up.
and this is coming from a PC gamer too what did he make thats good? He didnt make counterstrike which is the only good game under valve. College students did he just bought it from them and put upgraded graphics on it with out adding any thing new to the gameplay.... over hyped dev for sure..

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Damn, BSOD:

Ugly thing from Microsoft. A lot of errors from their products.

Chaos Striker3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

So uh, did you even read the article? Because, clearly, that isn't what a BSOD should read (hint)

lightningsax3203d ago

Yeah, I'm happy that Portal 2 is starting to really gain some PR steam...

Huh. I only realized that was a pun when I typed it out!

Anyway, I thought that was clever. Obviously, he's not disparaging the company that makes the operating system that Valve's games have lived on for quite a while. It was a nice geeky push for Portal hype.

holyorangecows23203d ago

Am I the only one who doesn't get it what does a blue screen have to do with microsoft.

Tony-A3203d ago

Do you not use Windows?

holyorangecows23203d ago

@Dweezy yes I use windows still don't get it though?

Chaos Striker3203d ago

You must be pretty young to have never experienced the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) before :) It is basically a message being projected on a completely blue background in older windows versions that says some fatal error that has occurred within the operating system and therefore you are being brought the BSOD. Your only option, most of the time, was to force shutdown the computer and redo everything again. It was pretty much the most annoying thing about windows because it could show up without warning and screw over anything u were doing.

Gabe was essentially joking about that in his presentation, but the BSOD in this case had a message from GlaDos concerning more information about Portal 2 being revealed at E3.

Cueil3203d ago

That is the Win 9X error... they have dump screens now and it's usually a serious hardware failure that causes them

dredgewalker3203d ago

Im really shocked that you don't know what a BSOD is, you must be a mac user.

greatjimbo783203d ago

I think it's funnier that ALFAxD_CENTAURO thought it was real!
I admire your attempt at trolling, but epic fail on your part.

Automat3203d ago

Win7 64bit bSOD on me as well. this is not a 9x issue.

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