Retailers Estimate Xbox 360 Failure Rate High as 33 Percent

By several metrics, the Xbox 360 is the most successful console so far of this generation. Despite the startling pace of the Wii, the Xbox 360 still has the most consoles sold worldwide and the longest list of games and exclusives. For a gamer looking for online-enabled high-definition gaming today, the Xbox 360 appears to satisfy those needs.

One often overlooked factor when considering a console purchase is reliability, an area that is becoming apparent where the Xbox 360 falls short. Anecdotal evidence is heavily pointing to Microsoft's latest console as being significantly more prone to failure than what consumers are accustomed to.

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MaximusPrime4182d ago (Edited 4182d ago )

thanks goodness that i got rid of xbox 360
@ power of Green: true - i got rid of xbox 360 few weeks before UK PS3 releases.

i sold it on ebay along with some games. still in good condition.

Im more of Sony person. im so used to PS1, PS2, PSP and now PS3. Im not used to xbox and never will.

TheMART-sucksdick4181d ago

Ive been lucky, ive never had RED RINGS lol. Only a melted 360 because of a crap intercooler. But 33% is huge (if its true?) The ps3 has a rate of 2%, thats official. Microsoft could be in trouble.

marinelife94181d ago

One out of every three goes bad? I wonder how many are broken and people were just too scared/indifferent/dumb to return it.

How long will it take for MS to fix the problem? I think if they weren't developing the Elite and had focused on troubleshooting these problems would be behind them.

rain19714181d ago

Panix, I cant say `thanks goodness that i got rid of xbox 360` but I`m one day away from possibly being able to.

I`m on my third in 5 months. First the dvd drive, then the 3ROD, and this one is playing up, so it`s going back. I want a console, that lasts. I don`t hate the machine and it`s power, but its manufacturing and unreliability. I`m a big fan of RPGs (the hundred hours jobbys) so will be gutted to see the likes of MASS EFFECT and BIOSHOCK slipthrough my palms, but if it means jumping ship, then so be it.

Not a Wii (no offence but keeping fit while gaming isn`t my forta :) and I think it`s aimed at more casual gamer market, which I`m not) so it`s the PS3. I know there is no games as yet but at least there is a good chance it will still be working when there is! plus linux stuff interests me, too.

Signing out

Also Known As4181d ago

mine has given me no problems and im sick of this subject being posted over and over again so how about every 360 fan who's console works perfectly go ahead and post it here in this thread. I'll start.


marionz4181d ago

no problems here either!
and yes i feel sorry for those that have issues, but ask retailers in NZ and they say its verry rare to have a console who are we to believe?
ill wait for an official statement if that ever happens

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power of Green 4182d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

Some how i doubt you even owned one.

I agree with that PS3 fanboy #10.1, MS will try and fix the problem in the background like their PC tech because its not something that needs to be explained every step of the way they said they're going to make the 360 run cooler being a world class company that needs to run a business and not fight fanboys from Sony they figure most know why some 360's fail and will put 2 and 2 togther.

MS's isn't going to come out with numbers no more than Sony will come out and admit the PS3 doesn't match the 360 its business.


Below: ImWithStupid, whats comedy is how you think you're seen any different. At least I'm losing my bubbles with logic and not pure malice driven hate for the other console.

EDIT: #2.2 If Sony fans are the only people posting about it and Sony fans demand companies to come out with the truth they have everthing to do with it. We 360 fans know there is a problem(untill 360's run cooler)its you and other Sony fans that post this news demanding truth when you need to worry about your own company.

Sony tried to do the same thing with PS2 but never cared to do anything about it untill the law got involved.

What will you have after MS phases this out 360's that run hot? Sony will still be in a world of hurt Sony needs to get their sh*t together so their fans are not attacking MS/fans seemingly more intrested in 360 news than PS3 news.

ImWithStupid4181d ago

on Microsucks nuts?? you calling other people fanboy is pure comedy.

funkysolo4181d ago

Any time you mention 360 hardware failure, people just start to bash on Sony which didn't make the hardware. The 360 has been out for almost 2 years and they haven't admitted to nothing or taken the proper steps. It seems that everytime a 360 fails when you get a refurbish unit that unit fails too. The longer this continues the longer 360 sales are going to suffer. Nobody besides hardcore gamers are going to buy a system knowing that there is a faulty design and might fail in the first year. I haven't had any trouble with mine, but I know alot of people that got theirs for christmas and 6 months later it failed. M$ needs get their sh1t together

i Shank u4181d ago

POG stop ranting. obviously there is something up with 360; you just dont want to see it . the class action will change your opinion.

PS360WII4182d ago

Artical on Daily Tech. It's becoming more main stream yet... we still haven't gotten a statement from MS about RROD even with a repair company stopping work on the RROD issue...
What needs to happen? A special on CNN or something?

CNIVEK4182d ago

...but I'd say it's more like 15-20% max.

GodofPeace4182d ago

that is still pretty high

TaylorB4182d ago

As much as I know this article is going to be flamebait, the article does include actual sources, and is hosted on a reputable website unlike many other 360 failure articles.