Xbox 360 Arcade MSRP Plumets to $129.99 in Canada

Without much as a peep from Microsoft Canada, the Xbox 360 Arcade MSRP has plummeted to $129.99 CAD across most Canadian retailers. This is quite a price drop compared to the MSRP of $199.99 USD in the United States. has asked for comment from Xbox Canada and will update the story when get word.


It is even listed at $129.99 on Xbox Canada's official website. List of Canadian stores with price drop updated on

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-MD-3139d ago

I would loveeee a price drop in the US.

deadreckoning6663139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I don't care if M$ drops the 360 a hundred bucks, I ain't buyin till they include Wi-fi out of the box.

-MD-3139d ago

You could just buy the Wifi with the 100 dollars that you saved... wow.

Anorexorcist3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I mean, You DO already have an Xbox 360 don't you? Don't tell me you recently have had the ridiculous bad luck of beening reduced to having a big grey brick with a pretty little red night in front of it next to your television set.

Edit: Oh no, it's no law. Anyone can buy as much of one particular system as they want, by why the hell would you if the durability of a console is great? That does not apply to your case? Well then keep doing what you're doing. If you were my kid though, I'd put some sense into you and tell you to cut a console off at the knees the second time it bricks, not on the 6th, 7th, or 8th time.

damnightmare3139d ago

Wish this was in US, I could use a new one

JackBNimble3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Still not worth it considering you still need to buy an HDD, and you need a gold card if you want to play online.

With a 120gb HDD and gold card you're almost at $300 , you may as well go buy as PS3 slim.

-MD-3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I can't own more than 1 360? Is that a law?

Edit: I have no idea what you're on about, I want a second console in the house because people are using mine all the time.

The Maxx3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I already have an Elite. I wouldn't mind picking this up and putting it in the bedroom. That way I can just swap my HDD from my Elite to the Arcade. And with the savings, I could buy a Wifi adapter.

I am going to probably pick this up tomorrow. Sweet.

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Anon19743139d ago

I've actually thought that before. My basement is kinda chilly when winter hits Edmonton and I've actually choose to play my 360 because I know it'll warm the basement up a bit while I play.

At any rate, that's a great price! They must not be selling or something. You'd be crazy to pick up a Wii at $210 bucks Cdn when the Xbox 360 is going for $129. The 360 is 10 times the gaming console the Wii is.

captain-obvious3139d ago

congrats MS
your console is now costs 30$ more than a PS2

Daver3139d ago

Yea ive seen that price today but im still not really interested. There's no games for now that i want to play on Xbox (my opinion and taste btw)

FrankDrebin3139d ago

but after having mine fixed 6 times and now, MS not willing to fix it for free, I say forget it! I will buy another one when they are $100! Funk MS for making me hate you!

For now, I am sticking with my PS3.

BattleAxe3139d ago

I'm in Canada, and I still won't buy it.

rroded3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

ill grab one we got a couple extra hd's n stuff from our ol 360's in the house XD

tho if i get one i might jus hafta change my user name (so i dont jinx the new box lol)

edit ya im in edmonton ab too n i gotta say global warming been pretty good ta us tho it does get a bit cold still in the winter.

lots of cheep 360 games for the kids n stuff its a great buy if you got the hd n dont plan on playing online tho if not your prob better off with the ps3.

FamilyGuy3139d ago

At $129 you could buy additional ones solely for the purpose of streamed media with the added bonus of having an extra game system in case another family member is hogging one.

I'd personally prefer extra PS3s as then i wouldn't have to pay twice for online fees just to play online with someone in my own house, but to each his own and at $129 it's a hard sale to argue against.

SIX3139d ago

Even micro fears Kratos.

bioshock12213139d ago

Agree if they really want to sell consoles why not do it for the US as well.

evrfighter3138d ago

"It's to combat GOW3"

if that was the case you would have seen M$ focusing on this price drop. They didn't even lift a finger to tell anyone about it. The components inside a 360 must be filthy dirt cheap to produce. It sounds like another business day at the office.

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Johnny Rotten3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

The Walmart and Future Shop flyer say it's for a "limited time", and the Staples flyer says it's for the week of March 12th to March 19th.

-Alpha3139d ago

The Arcade is crap. No Harddrive is a joke and an insult. I get that it's cheaper, but it's also pretty useless IMO. I'm saving for the Elite in time for Reach but I would love an Elite price drop.

Yuprules3138d ago

Actually the flyers LIMITED QUANTITIES, not limited time. Odd though that if you click through to the story, there is a link to Xbox Canada and it lists it as $129.99!

RedVsBlue3139d ago

All I know is no way in hell would I buy another 360 after my current one does unless the Arcade's are no less then $99 bucks

-MD-3139d ago

No less than 99 dollars? So you wouldn't pay a dollar for one?

thereapersson3139d ago

I think he means "no more than"

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Godmars2903139d ago

So how is the Wii/PS3/360 "war" going in Canada?

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SOAD3139d ago

Canadians are pacifists. They're not bitter losers. Especially since they won Gold in Hockey.

KingME3139d ago

Why people that are not interested (mostly PS3 Fanboys) are comment in the thread about how they wouldn't buy it.

OKAY, don't buy it. But do you really think anyone gives a rat's A$$ whether you buy one or not. You don't have one now, and the world hasn't come to an end, and guess what, the world won't come to an end if you don't buy one tomorrow.

Get a life.