Why 3D Dot Game Heroes Isn't Coming On Xbox 360

3D Dot Game Heroes is only a PlayStation 3 game. OK, why? I brought the question to Takehiko Terada, President and CEO of Silicon Studios, the developer of 3D Dot Game Heroes.

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Natsu X FairyTail3198d ago

we already know it's not coming and I dont think people would want it anyways. the game scored a couple of 6's.

rroded3198d ago

a lot more than for ff13

its like olschool zelda on roids XD

tho i wish it were out on 360 too since it wouldnt tax a dvd from what ive seen some of my 360 only friends would def get a kick out of it. Also I hope sony isnt playing the pay 3rd party devs for exclusiveness game now too :(

callahan093198d ago

Hardly any PS3 exclusive game went without scoring some 6's. Doesn't make those games bad, in fact most of them are f*cking brilliant, there's just some harsh critics out there (and let's be honest, some biased ones too).

FishCake9T43198d ago

This vs Portal 2
I know what i would rather have.

Parapraxis3198d ago

Hey Natsu X FairyTail ...your desperation is showing.


because portal sucks ass...its boring and more boring matter what system it is on

young juice3198d ago

i would rather have portal 2.

but 3d dot game heroes is another great example of how versatile the ps3 is.

Dragun6193198d ago

3D Dot Heroes looks awesome. Its retro and its basically like Legend of Zelda but with 2D bits presented as 3D. Whats there not to like about it?

I think this title would be a perfect title to sell on PSN as a Full Game like Warhawk. Anyways, From Software got my support for whatever game their making especially if its Demon's Souls 2.

Arnon3198d ago

Did someone actually say portal was a boring game and that this is incoherently better, simply because it's basically only on the PS3? :/

beardpapa3198d ago

lol those of you that say this is on PS3 because of some $ behind the back are hilarious. It's not hard to see why it's on PS3 considering the amount of titles Atlus, NIS, and From Software have released on the platform. The PS3 just seems to be their thing.

Commander TK3197d ago

release it in Europe aka the region where there's most PS3s

Christopher3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Would be nice to hear more than just "... it's the strategy of the publisher." Care to explain how the strategy works? I'm assuming it's primarily the "RPGs we do are strongest in Japan where the PS3 is key" strategy and you just release elsewhere for some extra money when localization is done (hence why Demons' Souls is finally making its way to Europe).

HolyOrangeCows3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Oh stop it, fairy. The only English scores are from Eurogamer and teletext. Two reviewers that have bias larger than the side of a barn.

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Gigalol3198d ago

Good temporary exclusive confirmed for PS3.

PirateThom3198d ago

Sorry, no shooting in this one, won't be on 360.

mrv3213198d ago

Like 90% of 360 exclusive are usuaully

Coming out on PC
Only for a limited amount of time

paradigmfellow3198d ago

lol oh boy someone is in denial. You know admitting what is going on is the first step to recovery

DJexs3198d ago

for the most part that is true but they have some true exclusives they just call non exclusive games exclusive.

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Klipz-Wish3198d ago

out of every possible game sony could have payed for why would you think it was this?

Tito083198d ago

If that was the case, I think MS would of payed Square to make a 360 FF13 for Japan, but it never happened, 360 games don't sell well in Japan!!!!

SpoonyRedMage3197d ago

3D Dot Game Heroes sold 12K in Japan.... a 360 version could have easily equalled that.

Godmars2903197d ago

How do you come to that conclusion when no JRPGs really done that well on the system? Are you talking about US sales?

SpoonyRedMage3197d ago

Well when the RPGs that apparently haven't done that well have sold at least 10 times what 3D Dot Game Heroes has sold on the PS3 it's pretty easy to come to that conclusion...

Unless you mean it would have sold 11,500 copies instead of 12,000 and that's the difference between flop and mega success?

Godmars2903197d ago

Still not getting your logic. What game in Japan has sold poorly on the PS3 to then go on to sell well on the 360?

On the other hand there are a few cases where worldwide 360 JRPG sales have been outdone by Japan alone.

SpoonyRedMage3197d ago

Umm, I'm not saying it would sell well I'm saying it sold so low that putting it on either wouldn't have had any affect, it would have still sold the same.

and the game isn't an RPG anyway, it's an Action/Adventure which don't sell in Japan, they sell in the west. Zelda is the only high selling Action/Adventure in Japan and it still sells like ten times as much in the west. Banking of Japanese sales probably wasn't the best idea.

Godmars2903197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Yet you have Westerners using the example of how it sold in Japan of why its going to sell poorly in the West. 360 "gamers" anyway.

Like I said before I don't have anything against the game being on the 360, but it is sad to see 360 gamers dissing it because its an "exclusive." Something that probably has more to do with XBL network and DLC policies that Fromsoft didn't want to deal with.

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GR8 13198d ago

Don't need the CRAP game keep your sh*t game.

Nicholas Cage3198d ago

ps3 has a more diverse library and i think they just wanted it lol, stop taking stuff personally, companys dont care about you.

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