Joystiq: Metroid: Other M Producer Interview

After delivering a GDC panel on his cinematic inspiration, Joystiq met with Metroid: Other M producer Yoshio Sakamoto to ask him about everything from collaborating with Team Ninja, lessons learned from Metroid Prime, the newfound focus on story in the Metroid universe, and whether or not he played Chair's Super Metroid love letter, Shadow Complex.

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EvilTwin3170d ago

You can tell how old school Sakamoto-san is. He's a 2D guy, through and through. I'm holding out hope for a new trailer soon. I thought they'd release one, but no luck. Yet.

For anyone confused on his comments on "2D play," it seems he's commenting on the control scheme only.

He's married to using a D-pad, it seems. But Samus will be walking around in 3D areas. It's going to be an interesting scheme if it works out right.

Gr813169d ago

Seem to like the control scheme in hands-on previews. So we'll see. I'm really looking forward to gameplay vids, that way I can really get an understanding of what to expect.

The cool thing is in the mean time, I'll be exploring Red Steel 2 in all but a few weeks, and Galaxy 2 after that so I'm not worried lol.