Massive Sequel To Be Revealed Next Month - Playstation Mag

PlayStation Mag is revealing a new massive sequel next month according to their magazine

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TheHater2872d ago

Honestly, I have no idea whats it going to be :) Hype meter is currently at 1%/100%
I advice other to keep the expectation low.

Eric Cartman2872d ago

Either way, if it was up to me, I'd save the big announcements for E3.

The next Killzone will be epic, you can quote me on that.

TOO PAWNED2872d ago

I wish i cared about KZ2. If it was TPS i would be in heaven

Bea Arthur2872d ago

Eric Cartman...agree, I think it will be Resistance 3. It will most likely be out this fall so it would make sense that it would be unveiled sometime soon.

SullyDrake2872d ago

All three games are confirmed to be in development and all three games will be massive.

I have a feeling it'll be Resistance 3 though. "Massive" sequel? The Resistance games are known for their massive scale and massive online battles. Seems logical.

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GameGambits2872d ago

I know this isn't the case, but the font and colors used make me think Little Big Planet 2 lol.

My prediction? Resistance 3. Not because of foresight or my crystal ball, but because I want it so bad this year to round off 2010 with knowing what happens to Nathan Hale!

SuperM2871d ago

Is not a bad pick. Infact concidering all the rumors thats definately the most likely choice. Resistance 3 is most likely targeted for early 2011 concidering it has billboards in a movie launching early 2011. Killzone 3 is supposedly targeted for this fall, and if that is correct then an announcement should be iminent.

Anorexorcist2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Those IP's are great, but Sony needs to pay its due to its archive of great IP's and get some Next-Gen Twisted Metal or Syphon Filter action going!!!

soulraver2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

I am actually looking forward to all of the anticipated sequels.. but my wallet is not.. after heavy rain, ff13 and gow3 i need a break!! your killing me sony

Darrius Cole2871d ago

Please let it be Heavenly Sword 2!

harrisk9542871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

It could also be inFamous 2

hazeblaze2871d ago

My guess would be Killzone 3, Warhawk, or Resistance 3.


Heavenly Sword 2
Resident evil Outbreak # 3
Infamous 2
Haze 2 ( Just kidding )
Jack n Daxter
Bloodrayne 3
Pain 2

Beast_Master2871d ago

Could be LBP2. Looking at history, this is the time of year that Insomniac annouced R&C:CiT, and two years ago this was the time of year Motorstorm 2 was annouced so my guess would be R3 or Moto3.

himdeel2871d ago

...regardless of what they mention. At this point there are so many games that could get sequels at this point they all excite me :) If they mention it coming out this year I'm going to need some dramamine.

zeeshan2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Is it an exclusive sequel or a multiplatform sequel?

Shouldn't be something THAT big. Perhaps Motorstorm 3?

Killzone 3, R3, UC3, they are all big... BIG announcement that are usually surfaced at E3. And if it is an FPS, I don't think they will target a fall 2010 release as that's when SOCOM 4 arrives. A Killzone 3 release arond Fall 2010 will probably steal all other FPSs' thunders because the next Killzone 3 is going to be THAT massive.

sikbeta2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Twisted Metal PS3


Syphon Filter PS3


The Getaway PS3

DarkTower8052871d ago

gets a Christmas release this time. GG deserves the holiday sales.

blu_yu_away2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Why is everyone so sure its a PS3 exclusive? Doesn't make sense that Sony would go to GDC and not announce whatever this "huge" sequel is to instead have it revealed in a magazine. If it is an exclusive I doubt it's that "huge" if Sony would pass on the opportunity to reveal it at GDC or wait until E3.

Cheeseknight282871d ago

Err... was SOCOM 4 in this issue? My money would be on that...

vhero2871d ago

Another one and again before E3?? Wow Sony are making moves I still think they got plenty left for E3 too..

Immortal3212871d ago

Damn Sony your one hard working game factory, I wonder whats MS is doing right now?

ShadowRyuX2871d ago

Resistance 3 for the mag
Killzone 3 for E3
Demon's Souls 2 for TGS


Ace7772871d ago

Infamous 2 maybe? Either way it should be good

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sabestar2872d ago

hahahaha, another one!!!!!

I am pretty sure its going to be Resistance 3 because killzone 3 is big and Sony would probably want to keep it for E3

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NYC_Gamer2872d ago

please it be the getaway

chidori6662872d ago

resistence 3 in this magazine and killzone 3 in e3...

mark my words ;)