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Jason Trent with GoozerNation writes: "It was February 29th, 2010 (at least that's what the PlayStation 3 thought the date was) when PlayStation 3's around the world revolted against their owners. As if the systems had become self-aware, they refused to entertain us any longer. I'm happy to report that 24 long hours after the problem began, it was over, and gamers were resumed their normal schedules of Modern Warfare 2 and other such hit titles. This day, now informally known as the apocalyPS3, opened my eyes. What if the PlayStation 3 had been my only means of gaming? Then what would have I done? Unfortunately, technology is not infallible, so although I'm sure Sony is hard at work developing a patch for this issue, similar issues could always come up on any game system you use. How will you prepare?"

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SeanScythe3202d ago

Watch tv, go hang with friends until it's fixed or play L4D2 on my PC, and not waste my time crying about it or making a stupid post about it and how I have no life like you are doing.

Bea Arthur3201d ago

I was thinking something along those lines. I have a 360 so if it ever happened again (which I doubt) I would play that or go do something else.

Anorexorcist3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I have already ordered a new 120 gig PS3 slim. It's in transit right now. I heard the new slims have an updated OS system clock, so this issue will be no issue for me in the next coming years.

ApocoloPS3 was the final push to get me to trade up to a PS3 Slim. I got $150 for my 80gig Motorstorm bundle PS3, which I had for over 2 years anyway.

raztad3201d ago

I have a 80G fat and this clock issue didnt affect me at all. I guess I'm very lucky.

Gothdom3201d ago

Yes, of course, Sony won't patch this before 2014 /s

mastiffchild3201d ago

Christ, it never actually hit my 60gig fat-maybe s a result of it being a refurbed replacement for my first(BR drive went on it)last summer. Perhaps they replaced, as you would expect, the clock's internal battery then and put the new settings in that the Slim ran on, no? Well, it's the only reason I can think of that a few fats, and some fats sold very near to Slim release didn't get the bug.

Anyway, it was a non-issue and the most scary thing that happened to me was that my 360 went on the blink at the time. I was avoiding using the PS3 because Sony advised me to and turned on the 360 to get started on MEW2. would it stay turned on? Would it bugger! Every time I tried it powered up for about five/ten secs and went dead then wouldn't try again for ten minutes or so. Anyway, I ended up finally finishing Okami on the Wii for the first time so had a cool night but was really worried my Elite(and this one had been perfect for a year and even as quiet as, or nearly, my new Slim upstairs which the missus was hogging that night)might be going away:(

Anyhow, next thing Sony say it's sorting itself out and 12 GMT gpoes by and the fat, wel my fat, is still perfectly OK so I just go back to the last rites of Okami on the wii and leave the HD twins til the next day. Well, I'm about to go an ring either the store or MS about the Elite and try to start it up again and it's working perfectly again! Did it go on strike in sympathy?Was it just being a little sodn to wind me up and give me a scare for ignoring it for a bit?Wahtever, I found it very strange it decided just them to mes about when it hasn't before or since

Unless, of course anyone knows something simple that can cause the powering down I described. ?hing is I hadn't even got it cleaned out by the morning I tried it again anyway! Nothing appeared different but, somehow, it sorted itself out.Have MS stumbled across self healing elites after all the troubles we've had?

Whatever, even if Sony don't issue a fix for next time(in FOUR years BTW)I'm still thinking I'm not that scared to be honest!

jadenkorri3201d ago

this amount of crap for a bad software programming mistake which was fixed in less than 24 hrs, that's what happened to me anyways... so wtf would you do if you got the rrod or now called E-74 error, maybe pour your magical fairy dust on it and hope it works, or maybe wait a day, maybe two, or how bout a week. Well don't work for those errors, you need to ship them off to MS and get a refurb back, yay for refurbs. It was one freaking day, and you 360 owners have gone longer in similar situations. I was still able to play ps1/ps2/ and non trophy enabled ps3 games to pass the time. Let alone I didn't do it, i did other things and when i came back it was working.

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Godmars2903201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Though I really have to wonder if the next XBL server crash will generate so many stories...

@Bea Arthur:
Yeah. And you - I - could play games on my old 60GB PS3 when "ApocalyPS3" happened, I just couldn't go on PSN.

If you couldn't play certain games at they time, I never found them.

Bea Arthur3201d ago

Godmars290...yeah but you can still play single player when Live crashes.

Buttons3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Can you play still single player when your 360 gets RRoD'd?

garos823201d ago

+ bubbles

during the so called apocalyps3 i could still play offline. i was still playing fallout 3

Bea Arthur3201d ago

Buttons...despite what you may have heard not everyone's 360 red rings.

Godmars290...well a lot of people couldn't. I'm just saying that the ApocalyPS3 (or whatever anyone wants to all it) to Live going down are not the same thing.

Godmars2903201d ago

No, its not the same thing.

For one, one of them has and will happen more than the other.

And please explain to me, as someone who I'm assuming doesn't own the console, how your hearsay opinion is suppose to mean more than someone who does own a PS3 and went through "The ApocalyPS3?"

JoySticksFTW3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Certain ones, Yes. But not all...

I have a launch 60gb that was affected by this, so I know

Stop spreading BS for such a non-issue.

The FUD surrounding this sure did reach epic proportions

I have a Wii and a 360 also. When Live went down for a week, it didn't get this bad. When a firmware update bricked Wii's, it didn't get this bad.

But a number of PS3's go down for less than 24hrs and it's the End of All Things...

Buttons3201d ago

And despite what you may have heard, not everyone's PS3 was affected by the clock issue, nor was every single player game.

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mrv3213201d ago

1 day without video games... isn't life or death. CALM DOWN, GET MONEY, GET LAID and DO SOMETHING!

I've currently been unable to play online for 3 weeks... no problems.

blasian3201d ago

go do something else..... why is this even an article

Theoneneo813201d ago

I'ts probally made from a bot cause he is so bored cause they dont have any exclusives this year and his repairme360 is in the shop

bobrea3201d ago

I don't even have words to describe how stupid this is. Honestly, if not playing video games for a day is that serious of an issue, then you seriously need to re-evaluate your life. Articles liek this are a waste of time and seeing them is REALLY pissing me the **** off now.

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