Play.TM: Splinter Cell: Conviction Preview

Next it's on to a slightly awkward dream/memory/tutorial sequence where Fisher tucks his daughter into bed. She's having a hard time sleeping as she's afraid of the dark, but Daddy cheers her up by telling her that darkness is fantastic and that you're much safer in it. Hint. Leaving her bedroom, Sam discovers that his house is under attack by a murderous mob of intruders - the game shows how evil they are by having the villains discuss raping any women they find in the house - and doesn't hesitate to whip out his pistol and dispatch some swift justice. Alas, poor burglars, there shall be no raping for you. This sequence reminds us of the following: 1) that Sam has elite NSA training and 2) he doesn't take kindly to people messing with his family.

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