5.0 Way Of The Samurai 3 Review

There are many video games released exclusively in Japan, purely because they just don't appeal to and aren't catered towards the Western audience. Occasionally, a few of those games creep through the net and score a Western publisher - Way of the Samurai 3 is one such game. It focuses solely on Japanese culture, specifically around the time of the Sengoku period and it encourages players to find their own way through this ancient civilization, with very little guidance.

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Selyah3199d ago

actually sounds cool :)

Sanrin3199d ago

If the game doesn't include ritual suicide, i don't wanna hear it!

mephman3199d ago

Unfortunately, I don't think it does.

Kyll3199d ago

I've never actually heard of this series o_O

NYC_Gamer3199d ago

this game wont move alot of copies in the western market..