Gran Turismo Night Racing Video & Screenshots

A new feature in Gran Turismo 5 is night racing. This video and screenshots show night racing in action.

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FanboyAttack3172d ago

This game looks awesome. This trailer is looking pretty nice. One concern though, the damage modeling in this game doesn't look very good. That my only problem. Everything else looks like its gonna be unbelievable. If I had to count which game series all time took the most time from my youth I would have to say Gran Turismo is in the Top 10 for sure. I don't know why but as good as Forza games are they just never hook me like GT does.

TomMcBaum3172d ago

This resets my expectations after that crappy GT5 time trial demo.

poindat3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

...You should never have gone into that with any expectations. It wasn't even a demo, just a basic platform for a contest. I still don't understand how people believe that it was a "demo." It was not made for you to get an accurate glimpse of the game, and it was not made for your enjoyment. It was made to scout out potential candidates for the GT Academy.

MazzingerZ3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

I agree, it was people who decided to call it a demo, GT community is very active in Europe, people don't realize all the activities SONY organize around that was just a tool to scout out talents...I guess for the PAL territories was very clear what it was, I wasn't interested in the time trials so I never downloaded, if it had been a demo...

boodybandit3172d ago

but it's definitely not for the weak of heart. Everything is set to expert without the ability to turn on assist. It took me a good hour and a half to get decent lap times but I was nailing it by the 2nd day.

This trailer has me awe struck. I can't wait for the game to be released. I built an entire racing setup just for this title. I have been putting it through it's paces with Shift, Dirt 2 and Forza 3. Now I need the real deal PD! RELEASE THIS GAME ASAP!

jamesrocks31473172d ago

everything is perfect the only thing i question about this game is will you be able to customize the looks of your car with racing stickers and body parts etc? if you could this game is 100% mind blowing even tho it already is ;)

FanboyAttack3172d ago

Since when is "good enough" adequate for a Gran Turismo game? With these kind of visuals it will take away from the game alot.

3172d ago
phosphor1123172d ago

thats the exact same damage modeling that has been shown since its first debut...

Supraman213172d ago

I for one dont give a sheet about livery editing. Its on the bottom of my list of what I want in a racer. Dame that nos sticker added 15hp!!!!

N4BmpS3172d ago

I don't necessarily agree with Userthree But he has a point if Kazunori Yamauchi had read jamesrocks3147's comment he would probably have asked Sony to announce anotheR delay for GT5, since we know Yamauchi strives on Racing sim perfection. But another not everyone wants their cars to be destroyed so they have to improvise and make the damage the best they can.

Dnied3172d ago

You guys talk about this like we've seen more than 1 or 2 cars take damage in quick little clips lol

He hasn't even revealed the damage system yet, how are you guys so familiar with it?

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spektical3172d ago

looking pretty good. cant wait to play this on my 44 HD tv :D

math3172d ago

The hiresolution screenshots are unbelievable.

FanboyAttack3172d ago

The one from the drivers seat in the title is crazy realistic.

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The story is too old to be commented.