Alan Wake ESRB rating detailed

Alan Wake was said to be rated 'Teen' by IGN last month, but why it got that rating wasn't known. Today, the ESRB revealed the detailed summary of the game and the contents of the game. None of the content is extreme and the only reason the game seems to have a 'Teen' rating is because of some extreme language and the appearance of cigarettes.

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Pennywise3172d ago

Survival horror game ranked PG-13. :\

Devs shouldn't be so scared to make their games rated M.

chaostheory3172d ago

Have you ever played the first Fatal Frame? It was extremely scary and it was only rated T. You don't need blood and guts to evoke fear, atmosphere and sound effects are normally much better at it.

Greywulf3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

Its from remedy, who made the Max Payne game. Which was M because of the mature subjects/violence/language. Fatal Frame has absolutely nothing in common with Alan Wake, or Alone in the Dark, which was also M because of themes.

Fatal Frame had great atmosphere, but its hardly worth bringing up? No one said you have to have a mature rating to have a creepy atmosphere, but Adult themes and subjects, yea.. you do need a mature rating.

Microsoft just wants the game to be for everyone, versus just making games for a specific demographic of owners and keeping the integrity of the game. I'd imagine that Remedy's next game with even more drama /horror & human relationships would be Mature since the rest were. Not a stretch to assume this. Especially with how serious of a story alan wake is getting pinned for.

STONEY43172d ago

"You don't need blood and guts to evoke fear, atmosphere and sound effects are normally much better at it."

Well it really does help. Imagine Dead Space without the gore? Or Silent Hill 2 without all the f'd up shiz in it?

beans3172d ago

"Microsoft just wants the game to be for everyone, versus just making games for a specific demographic of owners and keeping the integrity of the game."

Just because the game is for everyone doesn't mean it will damage it's integrity. If this is the game Remedy set out to make then so be it!

Rockox3172d ago

If Remedy was intentionally scaling the game down to a Teen rating, I think it's a bold move on their part. I'll be interested to see exactly what they'll be able to get away with.

I'm fine with a lower rating, providing the game doesn't feel like it has been shoehorned to fit a Teen rating. I'm buying the game either way, so I'll have to reserve judgement for now...

SnuggleBandit3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

actually beans, the game that is going to release is not the game they set out to release...originally it was a sandbox game with all sorts of awesome features like random dynamic tornadoes and weather and stuff. Then dvd and the xbox's lack of power gave them a reality check. I'm sure edge will still give it 9+ though

GiantEnemyCrab3172d ago

z-hayden: Go read any of the recent interviews with the team and they go into detail why the game changed from the total Open World to an open game. You can still see a point a mile down the road and you can walk or drive but you can't climb the mountain in the background.

They cut content because it wasn't working and not because of DVD9.

beans3172d ago

The only thing lacking is your non credible view towards anything Alan Wake or 360 related.

Greywulf3172d ago

Remedy + Sandbox world + Horror/Mystery and dynamic events/weather/storms. Thats the reason everyone was hyped from the PC trailer, it sure as hell wasn't because of his facial expression.There was nothing of any substance in Alan Wake to know about for say..4years? Outside of JUST the engine & physics.

GEC: You can still see a mile down the road, you just can't go there. Yeaaaah, thats the same thing as a sandbox? You can pretend that Remedy would come out and say DVD limited them, or that the 360 hardware couldn't pull it off, but they would never say that. Fortunately, Capcom, Rockstar, and others are making it clear for them. No one spends the resources designing a sandbox, to truncate it later. They ran into a wall, and since the lowest common denominator runs without a HDD, I can only imagine it was the 360 to blame. Since normally it runs the PC ports perfectly fine.

They removed the main selling point for Alan Wake, and now its a T rating. Sure, people will still buy it becauses frankly, theres nothing else of interest outside of multiplatforms. But I'm not going to act like Alan Wake wasn't totally mysterious, and the ONLY thing people knew about it were the specifications of the games engine. This is why many people claimed this was going to show off the 360's hardware. Now, if you're going to do that, and it has to be gimped from the main technological feats, you do see where the luls come in? No? In most cases, you neglect certain facets of the game because its sandbox. They removed the sandbox element, and the game looks the same texture/graphic/model wise.

JokesOnYou3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

That 5 min trailer was all I needed to see, to know that Alan Wake looks fantastic and no doubt its going to be one helluva thrill ride to play. I never brought a game based on its ESRB rating, actually I've never even looked for it, lol I'm sure as hell not going to start now.


Blaze9293171d ago

lol so fanboys are attacking ESRB rating now? Oh lord. Like a T rating will make this game any worse. Remedy doesn't need tons of blood and gore to share their magic. Look at Uncharted - both game rated T and one won Game of the Year 2009. The people complaining probably don't even care of know what Alan Wake is about to begin with.

Greywulf3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Learn to not jump to conclusions and go to the opposite ends of spectrum's.

It would be stupid to make fun of a game because of its ESRB rating and its ESRB rating alone. No one is doing that. Its being pointed out that the game has been hyped as this mature horror-thriller adventure tale, some even tried to compare it to Heavy Rain(M). Its just laughable considering the rating now. Not entirely going to be that much content which is usually in M games, like Alone in the Dark, or Max Payne...

I feel like I shouldn't have to explain how Max Payne wouldn't have been the game it is/(main reason people are hyping Alan Wake)\without the ability to discuss and display topics in a mature fashion.

Uncharted was an indiana jones / pulp comic. Not a lot of Rated-R Indiana jones or even Tombraider.

Great point.

The is no audience for a Mature title like this on the 360. Which is why its T. Wider demographic.

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mrv3213172d ago

Can I ask a serious question, not fanboy or anything. But do ratings have much effect? Seriously if a game is good or has advertising it'll sell regardless of rating.

I still think ratings are a good idea, just things need to change. Games are treated like violence on a disk but in all honesty they are simply adult themed entertainment no different from most films.

Also can we all stop getting in rut about sex. If a game features sexual content it's an INSTANT 18 despite the fact that if that level of nudity was feature in a film it might not even get a 15.

Video games ARE intelligent and not mind melting... treat them as such and MAYBE next time you appear on Fox news you won't look like a attention seeker looking to sell her lack luster book ;)

MattyF3172d ago

You'll be surprised. Depending the game and genre, some games are more successful because of the rating. Would Resident Evil have been successful with a T rating or Gears of War? The gore and extreme violence made those games what they are. Had that content been compromised, then some of the appeal would have been lost.

36T3172d ago

Hey Saaking! It's been a while. Oops, I meant Greywulf. As a PS3 fanboy, i'm surprised you have so little bubbles. Maybe it's that time to make another five accounts ;)

AnttiApina3172d ago

But you are missing the point here: Alan Wake isn't a horror game, it's a thriller!

And from what I have heard, those scares won't come from buckets of blood and teared limbs no no no... It tries to scare the player in a different way.

Besides an age rating should not be a matter as long as the game is good.

zootang3172d ago

I think it's becoming more apparent that the 360 is a kids console. Well at least from Microsoft stand point. I agree a good game is a good game regardless.

What would you prefer a good Adult game with mature themes or a good Teen game with mature themes?

pr0digyZA3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

if the game is good then F*** the rating :P

Fishy Fingers3172d ago

Not suggesting it was a deciding factor or I'm accurate, but Teen over Mature opens your game up to a much larger audience. Dropping a platform and after 5 years in development, that might of swayed them into a few changes, a few minimal cuts here and there can easily drop a rating.

AnttiApina3172d ago

Remedy has stated that they were always driving for the +16 rating. They do not need to show extreme gorefests nor nudity. Would these matters really increase the true maturity of the game? I think they could even decrease it!

Fishy Fingers3172d ago

I didnt realise that. I dont quite understand the rating system, does Teen refer to 16+? Because I just logically thought it meant 13+.

Rockox3172d ago

The ESRB's Teen rating is 13+.

chaostheory3172d ago

He's referring to the PEGI rating system. Teen does mean 13 or above here and is the second highest rating (ignoring Ao). 16+ is the second highest rating in the PEGI rating system so they often encompass the same games (though our Teen rating also often is similar to their 12+ rating as well).

AnttiApina3172d ago

Yes, there isn't a rating for 16+ in ESRB and there is a huge gap between T and M.

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