God of War III game director says game's visuals could be improved

Destructoid: God of War III looks amazing. I can't stress that enough, and I'm still impressed even after having completed the game for review. But according to the game's director, Sig Asmussen, there's plenty of room for improvements, which we'll see in Sony Santa Monica's next title.

"Well, I think our studio will use this engine again," he told me today, "and it'll get better. And I think we're probably about 50- or 60-percent at it right now. I think there's a lot more we can do with it."

What improvements could be made? For one, Asmussen says the game's animation system could be tweaked. In fact, he says they already have the tech.

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FishCake9T43084d ago

How can you improve something of which is ir-reprovable?

xTruthx3084d ago

HHG had said this weeks b4

deadreckoning6663084d ago

I don't think non-PS3 owners understand how good this game will look in person. I've been rewatching the 720p trailer on my PS3 and what is seen on a computer screen DOESN'T compare to what the game will look like in person. Man, I can't wait till Monday!

SOAD3084d ago

How did you watch the trailer in 720p?

In all honesty, when I go on youtube through my PS3 browser and look up videos, I am unable to change the settings to HD.

How can I watch in HD?

Army_of_Darkness3083d ago

easy my dark mustached friend.. download the trailer from the PSN.

cyborg69713083d ago

Boomstick is right and soad is that frank zappa?

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snowb4203084d ago

Can't wait to see their next game.

Sarevok3084d ago

Never stop wishing and all your dreams will come true. :3

Arnon3084d ago

Haha... that's one of the few cartoons that still would make me laugh.

Al Bundy3084d ago

Wow, the PS3 just keeps advancing. Only PS3 exclusives can compete with PS3 exclusives.

red2tango3084d ago

In a class of their own.


but that is flattering to me being a ps3 owner

raztad3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Thankfully Jim Sterling is not involved in any way with Destructoid God of War review/coverage. They need to get rid of that guy.

OT: SSM and the PS3 keep giving. I just cant imagine how good will look future PS3 games. I really hope, SSM share their tech with Sucker Punch specially the incredible AntiAliasing technique. Jaggies hurt an otherwise very nice textured and overall good looking sandbox game.


Lip-syncing issue was lame but it wasnt a big deal for me. I think the animations were funny, clunky on purpose. Game isn't supposed to be a world simulator.

inFAMOUs gameplay is top notch. I hope the sequel gets the technical hurdles fixed, and the engine leaps and bounds improved over the original.

deadreckoning6663084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

I agree Raztad, jaggies, crappy character animations, and lip-syncing problems were a couple of the main reasons I couldn't get into Infamous.

EDIT: Yeah man, the core gameplay was fun, but more realism in the characters and less jaggies would have guaranteed a buy from me. I'm sure these problems will eventually be fixed though in the sequel.

thereapersson3084d ago

The aliasing was nowhere near as bad as some people say. Then again, on my TV jaggies don't appear so "harsh" as I have seen on other sets.

And I think the animations were supposed to be like that. The game is modeled in a comic-book style, after all. I thought they worked well for the game.

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