Breaking News : Dark Alex Retires

The famous Dark_Alex steps down today from the psp scence. He is best known for developing custom firmwares for the psp. He has decided to cease any further development on the psp firmware.

He writes :

I've decided to cease OE development, and leave PSP scene.
The reasons are various.
One of them is the time it consumes, which i'm losing from other things.
The other is related to my security. I didn't like Sony menaces to PS3 hackers.
I think it is better to leave now rather than end paying the consequences.

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TriggerHappy4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

This is not a duplicate.

Anyway, i wonder how the scene is going to be like now ?

kspraydad4181d ago

Why are you forcing this site onto us...uggh.

Poorly written.

etc etc etc.

Hydrolex4181d ago

This is a breaking news

many people are dying in Africa regard of less food.

Odiah4181d ago

You're my saviour for the enlightenment I have received from this news. People dying? In Africa? LACK OF FOOD!? There is no way I ever could have known that :O

Haha, and seven people agreed.

Komrad4181d ago

You came here to find news about starvation in Africa?

gaffyh4181d ago

I wish him all the best, but sad to see one of the best PSP hackers go. :(

Mr_Kuwabara4181d ago

Seriously stop, and if you feel sorry then do something about it and stop posting it in very article.

Anyway in topic, he did good, I hope that a successor shows up and keeps on making more updates.

Clinton5144181d ago

Breaking news now? Christ man, where's the quality assurance here?

Lord Anubis4181d ago

we are the quality assurance. We all must follow guidelines but I suppose not all of us agree or follow the guidelines. The heading should have been changed.

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The story is too old to be commented.