Molyneux: Motion control is making developers sweat

Lionhead's Peter Molyneux has said that the idea of motion control being introduced across each platform is "making all the designers sweat... because every rule we've got, we're having to throw away".

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WeaseL3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Every time I see this picture I think shouldn't her hands appear to go downwards when reaching towards the screen

Gr813117d ago

Danger here. Understand that for going on 4 yrs now many devs have shunned the Wii and Motion Controls. Now they are being somewhat forced to embrace them since all 3 consoles will have them. They were being forced before by the consumers (Since Wii has dominated the sales charts) But they ignored that. However now they cannot. Or rather they can but there will be consequences. I expect many third parties to be very weary in supporting 100% the add on peripherals of the HD twins and make games that have multiple control options. But that's being half assed. And that sort of effort would kill any kind of momentum Sony and MS hope to build.

This could be the HD 32X scenario. If I were a betting man that's where I'd put my money. Speaking of money; dev costs are already high on HD consoles so now they are going to invest even more time and money on add on peripherals for a fanbase that has hated Motion Controls since its inception? This could lead to a third party blood bath.

Will be interesting to see how this all plays out. But I'm really trying to see how these add ons can possibly succeed. I just don't see it. They've sailed into uncharted waters for them. And in these waters lie a fierce competitor in Nintendo ready to sink the HD battleships.

jack_burt0n3117d ago

I dont think so, its more a case of 3rd party wii developers now have more options, over gdc it was evident that wii ports to move will be really straight forward it could almost emulate it. You are going to see a few 1st party titles to support the launch and some interesting use like headtracking in gt5 but nothing fundamental in changes to development imo.

The market they will capture is husbands and boyfriends that can get a ps3 without hassle from the wife because she can play ea sports active. Or people looking to have one entertainment device.

pcz3117d ago

And he has a lot to say. Full of gas i think.

What has he ever done- except release overhyped rubbish.