Playstation Move and its bad press

[email protected] Writes "As many of you know it's not always a good thing to judge a book by its cover. It's even worse to judge it if it's not even done yet either. Looking at many recent news articles there have been lots of bad press towards Playstation Move. Why? It's not done yet. The games for it are not done yet. And better yet it won't be out till fall? Same thing goes for Natal? Why is that getting such good press? That's not out yet. Anyways let's look at a few things about Move that have received this overly critical response."

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sinncross3112d ago

I think we should wait for E3 to be able to pass judgement when the demos are no longer pre-alpha stage.

vhero3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

I agree but look at who are giving it bad press to be fair.. Also most articles are taking what people say out of context or are purposely missing out bits of what people say just to make it sound like they hate it like with Peter Molyneux. When he clearly said he wants to try it they made him out to say he thought it was outdated.

zeeshan3110d ago

@the author of this article: Well you have some very valid points there but you missed out on one thing. Let me explain

"Well $300 bucks for a set up with 4 controllers huh? Well if natal is being priced like a console and most consoles right now are $200 – $300 I don’t see that much of a difference. But that’s just me and my opinion".

Actually, I believe you forgot to mention that you don't need FOUR PSEYEs. You need only one PSEYE to track 4 Movers and that ballpark $100 is the cost of a move + game + pseye. We don't know the price of a single move unit that comes without PSEYE or a game and that shouldn't be more than the price of a standard controller. So the person who wrote that $300 article was a complete retard and an idiot. Just wanted to mention the obvious.

BattleAxe3110d ago

As long as a large percentage of the press are pro MS, they are going to give Sony a hard time. It doesn't matter what Sony does, theres too many fanboys out there.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

I think that most people, deep down, know that Sony's "Move" is just an attempt to keep up with current trends, while Natal is an all-out effort on Microsoft's part, with genuine developer interest and excitement.

It's the difference between being a leader and being a follower.

I actually think that Sony would have been wise to avoid motion control altogether, as it now means that they are faced with being in 3rd place with that, as well.

zeeshan3110d ago

^ Would you mind to give us a list of all the confirmed devs working on NATAL based games?

syanara3110d ago

lol I was just going but what they said I totally agree with you though! lol.

rockleex3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

That's amazing because that means Microsoft's all-out effort doesn't even work as properly as Sony's mere "attempt".

Sony's Move does Natal without all the lag and bottom of an avatar's shoes as seen here.

sikbeta3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

"I think that most people, deep down, know that Sony's "Move" is just an attempt to keep up with current trends, [while Natal is an all-out effort on Microsoft's part]"

Ah...Please, They're coming with this natal thing only as a Response of the wii success based on motion-control, they know even Grandpas and unsatisfied wives buy Wii consoles and giving the fact that there are more "casuals" than Real Gamers, M$ want to steal sales from Nintendo, [not cuz they Want To Push The Boundaries with it], the same goes for Sony...

For example IF the success of the PS-M-controller is based on Gimpy-Lame-Party-Fun type of Games ala wii, How That BENEFIT [Gamers]?

As Gamers, the Best Thing all the People "interested" in motion-control can do is DEMAND QUALITY GAMES, not Hyping a lame @ss Dodge-Ball game or an Average Archery Game...

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LiquifiedArt3111d ago

APPROVE it "GDC 10: Playstation Move Unseen Footage"!! Looks SICK!

fantasygamer3110d ago

yea it looks really amazing i could imagine a game like Oblivion made for it that would be awesome O.O (link to the vid someone took the story down)

vhero3110d ago

No lag in that video.... Hmmm so guess the lag was down to the software and NOT the hardware unlike with NATAL...

redsquad3110d ago

Amazing video.
There must be, by the nature of the thing, some lag, but I sure as hell didn't see it. Sooo annoying that some journalists criticised the fighting game for not being 1:1, despite that being a game design decision as opposed to hardware limitations. I await their retraction...

Rhythmattic3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Wow, Thanks for the Link fantasygamer

That is the dogs bollocks.... Unbelievable !! (Actually Believable unlike whats been shown so far for Natal)

avengers19783110d ago

Everything I've seen for it makes it look like a worth while investment. The Move actually works with real games on like Natal, and it has an impressive 1:1 motion capture.

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I Play Games3110d ago

I dont need to wait, it doesnt have anything to offer

Ivan Drago IV3110d ago

and the GOW 3 reviews prove that MS has the gaming media in its back pocket. I mean lets get real, can anyone really say with a straight face that if GOW3 was on the 360 it wouldnt have a metacritic of 96 or higher?

I mean Natal was shown for 2 minutes without virutally any real gameplay shown whatsoever and the next day the media where all drinking the MS kool aid and praising Natal like it was the greatest thing since slice bread.

Now Sony has shown and announced PS move which for the most part looks very impressive and was shown very in depth how it works and how it works for both core and casual games, and what does the media do the second its announced? Bash it into oblivion.

pcz3110d ago

MOVE needs to be MOVED to the bin

devilhunterx3110d ago

I agree. Project Natal sucks and so does XB2.

SI7VER3110d ago

Can you give valid reasons why "it should be moved to the bin" please? Don't just make fan boy comments without backing them up......douche


pcz3110d ago

Where do i start?

I really can't be bothered to write the 50 page essay it would take to fully explain how awful MOVE is, so i will cut to the chase- it sucks.

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