More Deus Ex: Human Revolution At E3

IncGamers reports that today's Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer contained a number of interesting little facts, not least that the game will be across all three platforms and that there'll be more to come at E3.

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Maticus3200d ago

Heard good things about this franchise, should be interesting

Dorjan3200d ago

I loved the first two, so I can't wait for the 3rd!

ian723199d ago

The first Deus Ex is one of my favourite games ever. The second I haven't finished yet, not got into it as much as the first. Looking forward to the third and if I enjoy it half as much as the first then it will be worth it.

Legionaire20053197d ago

This game could get game of the year!!!! The first Deus Ex had over 40 awards!!! yes you read that 40 awards!!! The second one was great also that whole thing with JC Denton and the Illuminati storyline is very interesting. Illuminati is a real secret society too. This should be a must buy.