Square Enix starts work on next generation engine

Square Enix appears to have started work on a next generation game engine. And the image they've used to promote this fact is sure to draw some controversy.

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xaviertooth3174d ago

after all the denial, FF7 remake is surely coming. tokyo games show.

saint_john_paul_ii3174d ago

and they're going to ruin it again.

blitz06233174d ago

After FFXIII, the number of people who want a remake has gone down considerably.

Trebius3174d ago

I bet they're not even gonna do it ...

Udidntlistenpunk3174d ago

FF7 remake is coming on the new engine specifically designed for the PS3.

It will be PS3 exclusive.

PS3, home of the very best games.

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DOMination3174d ago

Final Fantasy VII remake confirmed for Xbox 360, I can't wait.

Blackcanary3174d ago

FFVII for the 360 just because of the pic of cloud.

Second Sony own the IP for Final fantasy 7.

NateNater3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Could you imagine the chaos if FFVII remake went to the 360? Even though it would still be on PS3, it would probably end up like XIII and be all gimped.

Really all that matters though is that Square do this right. 360 or not, if Square mess this up, millions of people will be pissed.

batman2million3174d ago

Where did you get that Sony owns part of FF7?

Panthers3174d ago

Sony published FFVII. So they do have some rights to it.

Eternally333174d ago

Thats why it will be a PS3 exclusive were FF belongs.

Blackcanary3174d ago

Just like the other said i'm gonna gonna say it again cause its been said twice now.

iamtehpwn3174d ago

" with strong knowledge of SPUs. "

Strong Knowledge of SPUs? Seems like the Ps3 version of the engine will work out nicely then.

Is it an FFVII remake? I think it might be, you've heard the way they've been talking lately.

Greywulf3174d ago

Everything besides the new Crysis engine has just been a let down for multiplatform technology. And we have yet to see that really-really-working in a retail game.

I don't know, its just that I know that multiplatform quality/technology has a gigantic gap. It would be nice, but I can't really look forward to technology news from multiplats, but I can look forward to just the gameplay. Its always nice to have both.

presto7173174d ago

"will run on ps3 in next 2-3 years"

Good one square. Almost got me there.

Lucreto3174d ago

There is evidence than Sony save some rights to the FF VII characters at least.

1. No FF VII has appeared outside a Sony platform. (Before you say the Kingdom hearts game in 2004 the PSP was not released so Sony didn't have a stake in the market.)

2. There were two KH games released recently. The DS one didn't have any FF VII characters but the PSP one has Zack.

Torkith3174d ago

It was on PC, published by Eidos

97gsx3174d ago

I can only imagine the backlash if square makes ff7 remake multiplatform. But its always a possibility since microsoft would pay anything for this game.

Montrealien3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

drummerx2709 said..

((Could you imagine the chaos if FFVII remake went to the 360? Even though it would still be on PS3, it would probably end up like XIII and be all gimped. ))

Well, first thing is first, 2% of the gaming world who thinks being a fanboy is cool would concider this chaos, when in the end the rest of us will just be happy to play a game we may like, on a console we have.

And secondly, FF13 ended up all gimped on the 360, and not on the PS3. In fact, the only thing that was gimped was the resolution on the 360 version and it was just a sloppy port. However, If you think square cut content on the game because of the 360 you are just plain wrong. Naughty dog had a post mortem on Uncharted 2, they had to cut some content, do you blame the 360 for that also?

now, dissagree and run little ones.

Mike134nl3174d ago

Next generation platforms let's talk again over a few years

gta28003174d ago

I believe what they meant is that Sony owns the publishing rights for FF7 on consoles. In other words, no one can publish Final Fantasy 7 on consoles other than Sony? Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that's what it is.

DOMination3174d ago

Uh, Sony do not own the 'FF7 IP', especially as such a thing does not even exist. The IP is Final Fantasy and that's owned completely by Square-Enix. There isn't an IP for each individual entry.

Sony may have published FFVII but it was mainly because back then there was no way Square could translate and distribute it to the west on their own. Crisis Core, although published on a Sony console, was done so by Square themselves and NOT Sony. There is nothing to stop this game going to 360 and this seems to imply it so the sooner you accept that, the better I think.

Blackcanary3174d ago

but a pic of Cloud does not imply that FF 7 is coming out on the 360.

Cloud is like SE mascot.

I doubt it will happen and if anything if you wanna know if Sony still owns the Publishing rights to the Console version of FF 7 then send an email to Sony and ask its that simple.

I do not believe that Square i say square since they was the ones that made FF VII can just take them back like that if that was so FFVII would of come out on xbla instead of only coming out on the PSN.

wicko3174d ago

If you actually read the article, you'd realize that the next generation engine is not for 360 or PS3, its in anticipation for the next gen consoles.

Torkith3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Then again, Square could just name it Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth and release it on PS3 and 360. Looking at Ninja Gaiden 2, PS3 owners got Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2; even though NG2 was publish by Microsoft.

Don't get me wrong, I would rather have no remake than have it on the 360 as well. FF7 is synonymous with Sony and Playstation.

I know everyone says FF7 was published by Sony that means that own the rights to publish. Unless someone can actually provide proof of that, it can easily be considered that Sony helped publish the game and that's it. No strings attached.

Buttons3174d ago

Main Entry: con·firm
Pronunciation: \kən-ˈfərm\
Function: transitive verb

4 : to give new assurance of the validity of : remove doubt about by authoritative act or indisputable fact


Reibooi3174d ago

Well it looks like they just felt like using that image to me and probably doesn't have any real meaning behind it.

However considering this is for NEXT gen I.E PS4 and Xbox whatever they are gonna call it(the jump from Xbox to 360 was pretty odd) It could be that they are getting ready to have the FFVII Remake be a launch title for next gen. It would surely be one hell of a surprise but given how much they have complained about how hard it would be to do this gen doing it next gen would be even harder.

Either way this excites me. FFXIII is beautiful and It will be nice to see what their next engine can do.

Ateanboy3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

I swear I feel like 90% of you guys still havent grown a brain... No offense, but the members of this site must be mostly immature kids, or mostly stupid. Or both.

Why all the wondering and the speculation? The article says that SE was talking about the NEXT generation of consoles. As in not PS3 or atleast certainly not the 360. As in, if yalls logic was right, you wouldnt see the remake for another 5-6 years, cause I dont see the next PlayStation being released before then. I honestly dont understand why you guys need everything spelled out for you. I honestly dont even know why I even bothered to reply to this. Maybe I feel bad for the morons.

With that said, I was once one of the biggest final fantasy and Square Enix-- scratch that-- Square Soft fans out there. So Ive done my share of research and Im fairly confident that Im informed enough to say that if a FF7 remake isnt announced in the next 2-3 years (4 tops), it wont be coming at all. Since by then, it would no longer be the cash cow that it could be today and would no longer make sense in the business world. And we all know that business is all Square knows how to do anymore.

Furthermore, IF it is announced and made, there is almost NO chance that it'll be multi-platform. You guys dont think that Square knows how fanboys get? Fans of the original FF7 would basicly be 97-98% of the cause for the sales. Do you honestly think they would risk investing in a remake just to have it go multi-platform? This is a million dollar company we're talking about. FF7 is not just a game. Square is aware that keeping the remake EXCLUSIVE to the PS3 would be key. If they make it multi-platform it wont sell as much despite being on 2 consoles. Loyalty plays a bigger role here. JRPGs arent dominating like they used to. Square sees two options. They either wait until the PS3 install base grows, by waiting for games like GoW3 to keep bringin it up, and THEN make FF7, or just not invest in a remake at all. Which I feel like its exacly what theyve decided on already... Times running out. They need a higher PS3 install base, so they wait, but at the same time they cant wait too long or else it will no longer be feasibly profitable. Reasonably.

Now, personally, I wouldnt want FF7 to be multi-platform. Not only because I consider it to be my favorite game of all time (Yea, I said it.) but just because I would rather them not make one at all and let FF7 die in all its glory rather than them make a multi-platform remake which we ALL know wont be anywhere near as good as an exclusive. Shut up. We all know it. Its just the facts. Its been confirmed by SE themselves that FF13 didnt ship with Japanese dialogue because they didnt want the PS3 version to have an "upperhand". And we all know that they where referring to the 360 version's lack of space provided by Bluray.

FF13 shipped on FOUR discs on the 360 compared to ONE on the PS3... THAT IS AN EMBARRASSMENT!!!! How can you look at that fact and NOT feel embarrassed? I honestly DO feel embarrassed for MS and I dont even own a 360. And this is just Japanese voice audio. Do you honestly think that that's the only way the PS3 version was affected just because of the fact that it was multi-platform? Cause I dont believe it.

I dont want them to remake FF7 if its gonna be multi-platform or if its gonna be created with a focus on mainstream success like FF13. Cause those are the two things that killed FF13. And Im not an SE fan anymore, but I swear if it is made and made multi-platform I will never buy another SE game ever again. And I know that I aint the only person that feels this way. And I know that SE knows this. And this is the reason why FF7 hasnt been remade yet and probably wont ever be.

So why put Clouds face on there? Because SE knows how idiots like you guys go nuts over sh*t like this. Thats why. Simple as that. As long as you guys are around, they'll keep making "tech demos" and putting Clouds face everywhere. Theres a word for it. Its called "marketing". Get off your game console and PC and go to school and learn something.

But before you do that you gotta grow a brain.

Lightsaber3174d ago

Ateanboy the fact that you have the nerve to call anyone stupid just goes beyond stupid you take stupid to a whole new level.

I dont know why all the FF7 remake talk. So what it pic of cloud. Its probably a still from the movie anyways. I see no reason to read anything at all into this. If they are working on a remake we'll know when E3 rolls around

Arnon3174d ago

They don't own the IP for Final Fantasy VII. The game is on the PC for god's sake.

Millah3173d ago

Ateanboy, you're the stupid one if you think anyone is going to read all that.

CimmerianDrake3173d ago

Here's an article from 1997 that talks about what they did for the game.

"In December 1996, Sony Computer Entertainment America agreed to a multi-title publishing deal with Square Co. Ltd., allowing the company full North American publishing and distribution rights to Square's 1997 PlayStation product line. Along with rights to publish the revolutionary Final Fantasy VII, Sony Computer Entertainment America also has released Bushido Blade, and other upcoming PlayStation exclusive releases, Final Fantasy Tactics and SaGa Frontier."

Sony had full publishing and distribution rights to FFVII. My guess is that, being the PC wasn't considered a threat to console gaming, or being that Sony owned a portion of Squaresoft (they own a portion of SE now, though considerably less), Sony figured that money is money and allowed Eidos and Squaresoft the go ahead on the PC for FFVII as it made them money as well. In the end however, when it comes to the console version of FFVII, Sony has full publishing and distribution rights to that game. That's not to say that SE can't make FFVII-2.0 using the exact same characters, world, etc.... and put it on another console. SE own the rights to the characters, the world, the story, everything.

vhero3173d ago

Sony owns console publishing rights to FFVII end of... No FFVII game or spinoff or sequel can come on any other console. That's why they have only ever came on PC/mobile/PSP. As PSP is owned by Sony and mobile and PC are not consoles. People get this through your heads right now no game with the FFVII name will ever come out on the 360 because Sony won't allow it *simples*. So stop getting your pantys in a bunch... S-E no doubt used that image as Cloud is now a major figurehead for the company.

menoyou3173d ago

Next-gen engine? Sweet! Now we can wait another 10 years before the next mediocre transexual hero saves the world game (probably FFXV).

God I wish Square-Enix would disappear.

Automat3173d ago

360 is the next generation ? I'd rather have a Ps4 !

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theusedfake3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Imho they just put their most well known character
on the page, same as disney puts mickey mouse
on everything.
I honestly don't think it means anything.
I could be wrong though

Ombre3174d ago

I second that, it certainly is a way to hype their future recruits but not a way to announce anything. Final Fantasy VII is one of their most famous and acclaimed franchise, Cloud is one of their most emblematic character so they certainly use him for every marketing strategies without intending anything with the Final Fantasy VII franchise.

Lionsguard3174d ago

Well they did for the first time in history come out on their twitter account and publicly asked their Japanese fans what they thought of a FF7 remake and had so many replies that they had to ask them to stop sending them feedback. And now they pull a stunt like this so it either means something or they're just yanking our chain which won't go over well with their fans. So Square, if you're going to do it and feed us bits and pieces over the next few years, you better show us the cake at the end or else just stop it and put FF7, Cloud and the gang away into a box and never speak of it again.

On another note Mickey might be everywhere but no one is asking for a Mickey mouse animated series remake. Square knows fully well that the world is anticipating a FF7 remake and they have been since the PS2 era.

truehunter3174d ago

FF7 remake 3 DVD9 confirm.

Shadow Man3174d ago

"Sony own the IP for Final fantasy 7." If so why was a PC version release?

NateNater3174d ago

Square didn't sign an exclusivity agreement with Sony. That's why FF7 is on PC
Sony do not own the rights. They just published the game for Sony Playstation. The same way that Eidos published it for PC.

Squaresoft owned the copyright at the time of release.
Now Square Enix own the copyright.

iamtehpwn3174d ago

FFVII is a much bigger game than FFXIII... with HD Graphics, it'd have to be at least 4-5 DVD9's.

Blackcanary3174d ago

are you sure SCEA and SCEE don't own the console publishing rights to FFVII if they didn't then why didn't FFVII come out on the XBLA?

NateNater3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

SquareEnix owns the rights. SCEA only did the English translation and North American distribution.

I'm not really sure why the original was only released on PSN and not XBLA. That's a good question and I wish I had an answer for you.

Maybe you could dig up some more info on it here

Lionsguard3174d ago

The PC Version of FF7 was published by Eidos, guess who Eidos is owned by. I'm not sure when the acquisition was though.

And yes SQUARE owns the IP and all rights to FF7 NOT SONY. Sony just had the rights to publish it on the PSX. So you'll never see the original FF7 on the 360 but a remake would be up for grabs. Sony better smarten up.

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