Hands-On Preview with near-final build of ModNation Racers

VGChartz takes a long look at this nearly complete and highly anticipated kart racers.

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naznatips3113d ago

It's really a lot of fun. I hope people don't write it off for more shooters. :-/

Torillian3113d ago

I hope that all the people that loved LBP give this a shot, even though it's a different genre it seems to be in the same theme. I had a great time with the beta.

bmw693113d ago

This looks amazing!! I can't wait to get it - better than Mario Kart??

TheGameLlama3111d ago

Just can't handle another kart racer... :/

FrankWest3113d ago

This game is gonna be amazing, I've been anticipating it since it was announced, Mario Kart + Track Creator = Awesome

BeardedGamerShow3113d ago

Very excited about this one, glad it's looking good.

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The story is too old to be commented.