Wii sales decline 'runs deeper' than supply constraints, says Pachter

Following the disappointing February sales data, a number of analysts weighed in on the results. While sales were expected to be down, it seems the final tally was a bit lower than expected. Part of it has to do with continued declines in the music games genre, and another major contributor is the drop-off in Wii sales.

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Kamikaze1353200d ago

Things are always the opposite of what this guy says. His new name should be Mr. Opposite Man ;)

Seferoth753200d ago

According to this idiot Wii is already dead and nobody ever bought one to begin with leaving Nintendo in last place.

The only people that listen to him or want to hear from here are clueless fanboys. They don't care about the source, they only see something negative about Nintendo so it must be 100% true.

chrisnick3199d ago

The only thing pachter knows is that pachter doesn't know diddly.

qface643199d ago

nintendo, sony and microsft will release a new console one day

a new zelda. mario, halo and final fantasy will be made one day

woah i think i have the gift why am i not an analyst?

meepmoopmeep3199d ago

to be honest, the last month was very hard to find a Wii anywhere around my closest cities.

willie62893198d ago

and wii fit still gets sold out everywhere in the city. Wii console itself is hard to find as well.

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Gr813200d ago

For real? I'm really starting to wonder who bank rolls this guy. And still scratching my head to find a reason why he's relevant or quoted as frequently as he is. He's a tool.

EvilTwin3198d ago

He'll say anything to make a headline.

N4g_null3198d ago

Hey there is an article about the stock market being very very involved in the hd market. So we arE dealing with some thing far worst than fan boys wait till you decide to deal with day traders and the prefolio men lol. A while back a lot of investors got pretty mad at Sony. That's why their was a shake up.

Check out gamasutra for the details. There was so many looking for a job at gdc and countless more looking for deals. I think every one is about to go the agent way pretty soon. It's really too bad we don't have a draft or develpment league. The resession is looking even worst right now. Scary stuff but we will survive.

E3 is going to be hillarious. Normal mapped Zelda in the wings?

Mista T3199d ago

you know Patcher says a lot of things...

Tony-A3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

I should apply to be an analyst! :D

To his credit, he has predicted some things that have come true, tho.

@below: ain't that the truth. haha

Kyur4ThePain3199d ago

Even a broken watch is right twice a day.

The Great Melon3199d ago

...unless your watch is set on 24 hour time. =P

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