Sodium One Updates For Playstation Home

Sodium One has released three new items within yesterdays update. They are as follows:

New Salt Shooter Weapons
Scorpion Stomp Boots Upgrade
Scorpios Acolades

Please Check Out The Sodium One Website For More Infomation:

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Godmars2903118d ago

Be more interested in the SS weapons if they came with new levels.

grimlog3117d ago

totally agree with you, would love to see more levels

mr.selfdestruct3116d ago

lol, don't really go on sodium many I'll check it out tonight.

Godmars2903116d ago

Are you talking about the stomping game? Not the same thing.

I mean, you honestly think you need grenade launchers to kill scorpions?

mr.selfdestruct3116d ago

Yep just a random reference to the stomp game thingy.