Splinter Cell gets Horde Mode

OXM.UK: Ubisoft Montreal's Patrick Redding has described the game's Last Stand multiplayer option as being like Gears 2's Horde Mode, and said it will offer "hundreds of hours" of gameplay.

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GiantEnemyCrab2812d ago

Gears influencing yet another game.. Sounds like this SC could be the best one yet! Awesome!

WildArmed2810d ago

Only if they can pull it off as good as Gears 2 did.
i'll be a happy buyer.

bioshock12212811d ago

Horde mode for splinter cell=awesome

Homicide2811d ago

Awesome. I wonder if another stealth game has this?

Dance2811d ago

Barbie Race and Ride will be the next game to have Horde mode