ZTGD: Final Fantasy XIII Playstation 3 Review

Scorched Angel Writes: Final Fantasy. When most people think of it they think of spiky haired protagonists, airships, characters named Cid, evil villains trying to take over the world, and a brand new world to explore. Well, not much has changed since the original. Final Fantasy XIII is the latest entry in one of the longest running series in gaming. Square Enix has taken some bold new directions with this particular entry and in my opinion, it is for the best. They have really made a quality, streamlined game that shines in almost every way, but with just a few bumps along the way.

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LordMarius3147d ago

Thats a bit high dont you think

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UNCyrus3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Now here's the question... Why is there only one review score, and not separate ones for each console that it's on, since they are entirely different experiences!

*edit* haven't played it?? Here's a pic of me at the launch event getting a hands-on before the release!

FanOfGaming3147d ago

If you haven't played the game don't comment because Final Fantasy XIII is getting shafted big time.

ZeroTolerance3147d ago

We did not have access to the 360 version so reviewing it would have been unfair, though we have heard like many others out there that the game is substantially better on PS3. That is the reason I added the editor's note.

FrustratedFury3147d ago

I can't go to ZTGD anymore. They're wearing so many money hats that when they go to the movies the people sitting behind them get all mad.

UNCyrus3147d ago

thanks for the response, I read the editor's note. Honestly, the combat in the 360 version doesn't suffer at all, it's more the out of combat that is bad: depth of scale for openworld vision, framerate tearing while running through the world, and then the fact that the 360 version has a resolution of 576p should all be taken into account.

heroicjanitor3147d ago

I know what you mean I was almost put off buying the game until someone on here told me it was actually very good. I'm in the midst of the "horrible" linear sections and it is one of the best games I've played this gen. It shows that people aren't reviewing the experience, they are starting at 10 and then looking for reasons to take away marks, in this case it being linear. Just like uncharted 2 and killzone 2 and gears of war 2, yet they all got very good scores. Biggest injustice this gen in reviews.

thor3147d ago

The gameplay is mostly the same, that's what a review score should be about. The lower quality cutscenes do not detract in any way from how the game plays, so I think both versions should be getting the same score.

FrustratedFury3147d ago

You can totally see where you cropped the edges of the screen. You've never played it, have you? Nice one though, it almost looked professional.

Bea Arthur3147d ago

MariusElijah...if they thought it was high they would not have given it that score. So you have beaten the game already and know how good or bad it is? That's pretty impressive considering it came out 3 days ago.

NeoBasch3147d ago

Absolutely not. You know, you should probably play the game first before you b*tch about it. FFXIII is getting shafted big time. Anybody who's played it can tell you that much. ZTGD is one of the only remaining sites that I can trust. They are highly objective and I know their games. Yet again, another exceptional review. Keep it up!

NeoBasch3147d ago


"I know their games"

supposed to read "they know their games"

my bad

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xaviertooth3147d ago

ps3 version triple AAA confirmed once again.

bartkuz3147d ago

I just got it this morning, will get into it tonight!

Myze3147d ago

Go into the game with a fresh mind, and don't listen to a lot of the hate the game has been getting. I'm about 25 hours in, and so far I enjoy it more than FFX. Both games are very linear, but we all knew that before playing it, so it doesn't bother me at all. The game/story is very fast paced, which goes along well with the battle system. Very fun game, with a few problems, but none of which take much away in my opinion. From what I've played, probably the most I enjoyed a game this year so far, and that includes ME2, which I loved. Of course, GoW3 comes out in less than a week, so we will see if that holds up. ;)

Also, this is by FAR the best looking RPG ever made (JRPG or WRPG), and I really wasn't expecting it to look as good as it does, considering all the talk (I have the ps3 version, btw).

xaviertooth3147d ago

that website need not review the other leftover version they will be in in a massive disappointment they will want their 360 rest in peace forever.

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