Champions Online: Revelation Adds Low Level Content Too

When speaking to IncGamers about the upcoming Champions Online expansion Revelation, the game's design director Bill Roper has assured players that lower-level characters will be getting plenty of new content as well as end game players.

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Dorjan2994d ago

never forget the newbies!

Maticus2994d ago

That's good to know, many people aren't at the stage where they can enjoy Vibora Bay yet anyway.

Cogo2994d ago

This is a game I'd really would like to try, but just not enough time :(

Cogo2994d ago

Yes, class master :P

Fyzzu2994d ago

Sorry, Bill. Still not enough.

Leord2994d ago

Well, sounds only fair.

Good initiative by the roper team, though.

Malfurion2994d ago

Glad to hear it, might be enough to bring me back for a try