In-depth Review: God of War III - Electronic Theatre

God of War III thankfully doesn't shy away from the spectacle of its' predecessors. In the opening sequence our anti-hero is riding atop a huge titan once again engaging in battle with gods. Stepping back into the shoes of the Ghost of Sparta is as comfortably gruesome as ever. The control system remains largely the same as ever and the abilities and weaponry Kratos will discover on his journey will be instantly familiar to fans of the series, while newcomers should have no problem adapting to the swift pacing of the combat. Much like the elaborate combo construction of the Soul Calibur series, God of War III's horizontal and vertical slashes are designed to make the player feel empowered; just a few jabs at the control pad is all that's needed to make you appear skilled, yet those looking to draw the most from the system will find depth beyond a few spin attacks and flips.

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