GDC 10: Trick And Tech Gameplay

GameTrailers: Be a puppet and paint the town (and your tv) red. These Sony Move and EyeToy demos may never hit retail, but they sure are impressive bits of technology.

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whateva3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )



When I move you move! this should be the theme song of the move!

NateNater3053d ago

Haha I think this should be the theme song.

whateva3053d ago

but all the stupid articles get approved in minutes.

Death24943052d ago

Sounds like the best theme song so Sony's new controller. Also I think they just showed that if they wanted to, the $40 PSeye can do what the $100 Natal can do and much more. You might want to pitch that song to Sony PR for future commercials. I know Eminem's song for MW2 got me hyped for some reason.

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Sackdude3053d ago


take that haters.

MajestieBeast3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

When i first saw it i was like so now what makes natal different? I seriously hope they will find great ways to use the move.

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