First Look at GAME in PlayStation Home

GAME is coming to PlayStation Home next week.

Alphazone4 have some exclusive images of what's in store.

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Godmars2903115d ago

Guessing this is EU only..:(

vhero3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Yeah and no doubt in return they will be pushing Sony PS3 over the 360 which will mean even more sales MS must be kicking themselves at this! Game are the largest independent Games retailer in the UK after taking over gamestation.

Godmars2903115d ago

I don't see why having a virtual storefront in Home means that they'd favor the PS3 in their physical stores. They're really just advertising their existence to PS3 owners. Making themselves a likely go-to option to the minority of PS3 owners who go to Home.

Now if they offer PSN titles through it at a discount from the regular PSN store, did one-day shipping for disk titles and had online trade-in deals and advertised that from their physical stores, that would likely bring gamers into their Home space if not Home itself.

Spiderman3114d ago

Game are the largest games retailer in the UK, but most of the time their prices are so stupid I usually end up just going to tesco or asda.

However I always buy big purchases in Game, because of their points card. If you buy a system in game you get like £10 off on your points card.

kenpachi3115d ago

Guessing everything will be over priced if its a store in home

Godmars2903115d ago

Don't see how anything in Home is overpriced. Unless you're talking about the Star Wars store.

Raf1k13115d ago

I thought he was taking a jab at Game's prices.

KwietStorm3115d ago

Nothing in Home is overpriced? Hah.. Are you one of those people with less than 100 trophies and more hours in Home than gaming? No disrespect. Real question.

Godmars2903115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Dude, I'm close to level 9, though I do only have one Platinum. Probably would be 12 or higher if I was an actual trophy whore.

Oddly enough I also find myself getting hit on by "girls" there. Get friend request, but dismiss them out of hand just because it is in Home.

@Cajun Chicken:
What's Game Radio?

xabmol3114d ago

I am unsure of what you are trying to imply. I have a friend on the PSN with 32 platinums and over 3000 trophies who spends hours everyday in home. He has also spent over a hundred dollars in there too! He's crasy imo, but he really enjoys it.

So it's not either or.

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Cajun Chicken3115d ago

Wow. I wonder if they have Game Radio in it?

RedSoakedSponge3115d ago

I dont see the point of this. If u get to purchase actual titles then maybe it might work, but it still wont be as easy and quick to use as a Mac/PC. It takes like 10 seconds to do that on there. So yeah, seems pointless.

grimlog3115d ago

looking forward to seeing it

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The story is too old to be commented.