Gamespot: Lionheart: King's Crusade Impressions - First Look

It's GDC 2010. There are a lot of games here. Games like Lionheart: King's Crusade from developer NeoCore and publisher Paradox. Lionheart will be a hybrid real-time and turn-based strategy game along the lines of the Total War series, and it will explore an alternate-history version of the third Crusade. In the annals of real-world history, King Richard the Lionheart arrived at Jerusalem at the port of Cyprus, but was unable to push further, and eventually lost the support of his partners and was, himself, captured. King's Crusade suggests a different outcome--a successful military campaign on the part of Richard to push through all of Jerusalem, along with a separate campaign played from the opposite perspective, namely that of Prince Saladin, who famously thwarted the Crusade.

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