Gamespot: Spotlight On - Aion Progress Report

The Game Developers Conference event in San Francisco is rolling right along, and so is Aion, NCSoft's 2009 massively multiplayer online game. If you recall, Aion is a game that let you play as a winged character belonging to one of two factions that inhabits a shattered world; a "light" faction and a "dark" faction, and participate in competitive player-versus-player (PVP) battles as well as demon hunts in the void between the world's halves. While AION had some interesting ideas, many players found the game to be too severe of a "grind," requiring many hours of slaughtering monsters to gain higher experience levels (which are required to access the game's top-level areas), and the conquering of instanced areas multiple times to get a chance at the game's best items.

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