Why the PS3 Move is exactly like the Wii Remote

Deep down inside the PS3 Move is just another Wiimote in theory. Both controllers share the same idea, but are executed in different ways. PS3 Move: mimic, gimmick or something new?

Down to the Last Save goes through some points as to why the PS3 Move controller is exactly the same as a Wiimote.

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Mr_Bun3047d ago (Edited 3047d ago )

Everyone knows it is an advanced version of the wii-mote....How is this news? The media is trying to start a fight where no conflict exists. No one is claiming that Sony's "Move" is something completely different.

This is clearly Sony's way of trying to attract the wii audience....Just like MS did with their mii knockoffs. Who cares?

NateNater3047d ago

Exactly. I was going to say the same thing.

angrymoose3047d ago

I'm coming from the fact that the Wiimote was labeled as gimmick by many when it came out but now is successful. I think the Move has a lot going for it, but how Sony handles the execution is where it is going to matter.

King_of _the_Casuals3047d ago

According to the simple minded media the MOVE is a Wii clone. And by simple minded media I'm talking about the mass market media (MTV, CNN, FOXNEWS, etc.... Problem is that this is also the media that provides the information to the most of our country.

now all the casuals will think of it as the same thing. =/

So yeah, if perception is reality then they will both be viewed as the same thing.

WildArmed3047d ago


It's like saying a 1990 Toyota is the same as a Porche '10.

Well, they are both cars, good job in recognizing that.

Now to go into details, they are both very different cars.

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Blackcanary3047d ago

Wii remote doesn't do Voice recognition if i'm correct and it doesn't do head tracking.

WildArmed3047d ago

Says the Na'zi killer lol

'the bear jew' is coming!

NateNater3047d ago

Nintendo and Sony are both successful companies. Sony saw how much the Wii sold. Now there is a massive Wii market.

Sony's new controller is very similar to the Wii controller. Thus, Sony can easily appeal to the Wii market with their new controller. The Wii needs some competition anyway. Its all just business.

Marty83703047d ago (Edited 3047d ago )

How can something be exactly the same in one sentence, Then executed in different ways. That a contradiction in itself.

Studio-YaMi3047d ago

is a b****,now deal with it and move along..
yes Sony did copy Nintendo showcase and wanted it's motion glory,but that's like saying that nintendo is the one that did motion controlling first,and by that ohhh boy are you WRONG !

As I heard,the first motion controller was developed by DataSoft Inc,the name of that controller was "Le Stick" and was made to work with the Atari 2600 & Commodore 64,so please do your research people before sounding like a bunch of idiots...

Sony copied Nintendo showcase of the Wii back in 2007 (or I think it was 2006),but Nintendo wasn't the FIRST to do motion controllers or motion controlling for that matter !

this is a competition between companies,and they ALL want to profit!
anyone remembers how Sega & Nintendo were back in the day ?

when they copied each other out so much just to take over the gaming audience ? for example : the Sega & Nintendo Guns !

sigh,now if you can't take the truth,you can just die from butt hurting all you want,no one is going to stop you,but if you're looking for reason,then you should know that the economy is getting worse,and gaming industry included,so companies want to profit.

NateNater3047d ago

The point isn't who was the first to do it. It's that Nintendo actually did it right and was able to make motion controls appeal to more people than ever before.

Now, Sony wants a piece of that too. And judging by the looks of it, they could very well take a chunk of that Wii demographic and bring them to PS3 with their new control scheme. But Wii will still sell like hotcakes. Everyone wins.

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