Rumor: Why Call of Duty Developers Are Sticking Around

With studio heads at Infinity Ward, the developer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and its sequel, no longer employed, you'd think all those remaining at the company would be leaving in mass exodus. They're not, apparently, and here's why.

Sources tell Kotaku that Modern Warfare publisher Activision is delaying paying Infinity Ward employees their royalties. Every employee who worked on Modern Warfare 2 is apparently in for royalties. Traditionally, Infinity Ward has paid staff regular or even "low" salaries, sources tell Kotaku, but offer ridiculous royalties to compensate.

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Excalibur3083d ago

I don't have to even read the article and I'll bet it's all about the Benji's

blue7xx73083d ago

Pretty much Activision is delaying paying IW their royalties so they have a reason to stay and wont leave.

CyberCam3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

It'll be a cold day in hell, when I buy another Activision game. Actually even before all this drama started, I was not into buying their games, the last Activision game I bought was COD4. The way they're acting is just not right, it's actually downright evil!!

Fvcking with people's livelihood is not cool, they have families to take care of and they are away from their families because they are working in your sweatshop!


bruddahmanmatt3083d ago

And people wondered why I refused to buy MW2. As a gamer, you speak with your money and I refuse to support a publisher as evil as Activision. Unfortunately the 12 million or so folks who bought MW2 do not feel the same way.

Conventional3083d ago

I'll never touch a game produced by Activision, no matter how good it is. They're just evil.

JeanPool3083d ago

This is disgusting. By law they are entitled to every cent they're owed. IW employees should just leave en masse and collectively sue these sickos.

SeanRL3083d ago

I want Activision to die. But as long as retards who know nothing about gaming continue to buy Activision games because their friends have it, Activision will keep going.

3083d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.