ARS: Or will I go from rags to riches? Hands-on with Mafia 2

With Mafia 2, developer 2K Czech is leaving the optimism to Tony Bennett: this is not intended to be a rags to riches crime story. Don't expect golden dreams to come true. This is the story of a man trying to keep his head above water, a man who returns to America after seeing the devastation of World War 2 Europe, and tries to make his way in an unforgiving city.

When the game opens, Vito Scaletta has just been granted leave from the war to return home to his mother and sister after his father passes away. Settling a $2,000 ($2K) debt his father owed now falls squarely on Vito's shoulders, and he'll need to accept any job from every wiseguy and hoodlum he encounters to make ends meet. It's a deeply personal narrative, and to hear Denby Grace, the senior producer from 2K Czech, describe his team's game, it's more Sopranos than Scarface, more Godfather than Goodfellas.

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