Splash Damage Want Brink To Be "Platform Agnostic"

Speaking to IncGamers in an exclusive interview, CEO of Splash Damage, Paul Wedgwood, said that the developer had "set out from the very beginning wanting to design the game that worked well for all three platforms."

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Leord2964d ago

That would mean: "There is no certain true platform", right? :)

AndyA2964d ago

Or the dev has made efforts to achieve parity between all platforms.

StanLee2964d ago

Which is what should be done but most developers don't have the resources to develop this way with dedicated teams for each platform and as long as the cost of triple A titles continue to spiral, you're going to see ports. Thankfully, developers are realizing that leading on the PS3 gives you more of an opportunity to achieve parity.

Pennywise2964d ago

That would mean that it will only be as good as the weakest link.

Foliage2964d ago

Oh no, the xboys are told yet again that th PC is a platform. Nothing to worry about, they will probably just pretend like they didn't hear it. Denial is very well developed for an xboy.

mastiffchild2964d ago

Indeed, PW, indeed. Or worse, you have to take account for every weakness on each platform(meaning where they can't match up to the others)and as they all have quirks that means it's even worse than just going down to the level of the weakest platform as,. on occasion, a weaker platform can still have an advantage and as the PS3 and 360 operate in such different ways parity seeking is an even worse problem in lowering quality all round.

this is why I complained about FF13 going multiplat and got called a fanboy for doing so even though I thought it would prolly have been better exclusive to EITHER console! Look what's happened there with a developer totally unused to developing firstly on PS3 and secondly in making their own numbered FF multiplatform?

I realise the closeness of the PS360 race is what's causing the lack of games being as good as they can be but it still sucks, no? I doubt Crysis2 will even break the mould to be frank.


The logic some folks have is astounding. Mastiff, to me, that sounds like you're trying to say that if a ported game isn't good on the PS3 then its not good period. Correct me if I'm wrong...

The Maxx2964d ago

I agree, but I don't think the PS3 is going to hold back the 360 version too much.

WildArmed2964d ago

Umm.. on a side note:
Are we going to get to try a brink beta? xD
I'm really interested in it.
Reminds me of K2 cross TF2.

Christopher2964d ago

Actually, this would mean that there could be a 'true' platform, but it's not possible to determine if it exists.

Essentially, good games that everyone can enjoy are possible on all 3 and therefore they are all equal. To try and prove otherwise is outside of our capabilities.

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Cogo2964d ago

Sounds good. I dislike platform exclusivities.

Leord2964d ago

Money-grabbing schemes the lot of it ;)

WildArmed2964d ago

But dont be surprised we get 'console exclusive DLC'.

Or worse... PREORDER DLC lol

Fyzzu2964d ago

"Platform agnostic" is an utterly wonderful phrase :D

Dorjan2964d ago

i hope they keep their cards close to their chest until it works for them!

thetamer2964d ago

I really can't wait for this. It looks amazing

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The story is too old to be commented.