PS3 Passes 11 Million Units in America

The official NPD data for February 2010 is out, and the PS3 has just passed another significant figure in terms of sales.

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Treyb3yond3174d ago

Is American more important than the whole world again?

Why DO Americans keep going on about their own sales??

Tony-A3174d ago

This might get accepted, but it won't be nearly as "hot" as the one talking about the worldwide numbers.


Because people love comparisons. When it's "PS3 Passes 11 Million In US", that get's no recognition. When it says "PS3 Passes 11 Million, Still Under 360 Total In US", it would go ablaze.

Funny how the N4G audience wants honest and clear sales news, but when put side by side with other consoles, it's blasphemy...

IT'S THE SAME THING, PEOPLE! The numbers don't change if they get put up against one another!

WildArmed3173d ago

I agree.
N4G has pretty much pays attention to flame bait material.
With a few exceptions ofcourse.
But the real news stays under radar. Often not even making the front page.


Oh well..
Anyways, Congratz Sony.

zeeshan3173d ago

MARCH would have been crazy for PS3 sales but the shortage of PS3 is going to really bring down the figures compared to what it would have been. Seriously, Sony needs to take care of this mess right away.

zootang3173d ago

You Americans and your self importance, it's not a good look. So why make it fashionable?

Solidus187-SCMilk3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

I live in America and I like to see the console sales in my area are. Its a pretty big market concerning sales.

Im sure if your favorite console was doing better you would be quick to point out the FACT taht north America is the LARGEST video game market and one which we have pretty concrete numbers on to look at.

Im just happy to see ps3+360 make progress on the wii.

himdeel3173d ago

...why we keep reporting American sales as if they're the holy grail of sales. Particularly since NPD doesn't include all sales in America.

iamtehpwn3173d ago

Japanese sales are often posted too.

Megaton3173d ago

You know what's really funny? A lot of the staunch 360 extremists around here who fap at NPD sales are European.

blue7xx73173d ago

lol no one is saying that America is more important this article is just saying that the PS3 has sold 11 million units in America. Nothing wrong with it I have seen similar articles posted about Japan and Europe as well I don't see the problem.

lelo2play3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

"Is American more important than the whole world again? "

Because like it or not... USA is the biggest game market in the world by a long shot. After USA, comes UK and then Japan. So naturally those markets are more important then the rest.

rroded3173d ago

for fanbois lol

still dont see why this is getting made into a US is selfimportant thing cause sales from all over get posted all the time

ReBurn3173d ago

What in this article says America is more important than anything? People are so sensitive. NPD only deals with America, that's why it's only about America.


Anon19743173d ago

Official is usually reserved for talking about someone that has some authority. NPD doesn't hold a position of authority and when they release their data it's really only their best guess.

Official should probably be reserved for when the company themselves release sales data. They're really the only ones who know for sure what's left the factories.

Mustang300C20123173d ago

What the hell are you babbling about now? Those "companies" you like to associate the word official with sure love to associate themselves with the numbers from NPD when they get released each month. How come you never make this comment about what they say when they themselves will reference NPD?

Anon19743172d ago

I'm not dismissing NPD data. Far from it. They're certainly the best known market research group in the US and I don't deny that aside from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo themselves, they're the best source for North American data.

All I'm saying is there's nothing "official" about their numbers. They've been wrong plenty of times in the past. When NPD numbers are wrong, they really only have to answer to the companies that pay them for their research. When Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony post incorrect sales figures, they're misrepresenting their company, their stock and there can be serious, legal and monetary consequences.

And really, let's use our brains here. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft know what's being sold because they see the units leave the factory, they keep track of the revenue coming in. NPD talks to retailers and estimates the rest. Who do you think is the authority here to provide the "official" word on sales data?

I'm not sure what you're getting so defensive about. This is just common sense.

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Nathan Drake23174d ago




SONY at gamescom in august last year:ps3 sales more then 10 million

MICROSOFT in november 2009:10 million x360 consoles sold in europe,middle east,africa

ironmonkey3173d ago

passes 11 mill in america...... so? whats your point?

kewlkat0073173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

This is NPD after all, pretty much the only organization that tracks this stuff in the region of the world but people get mad if their console is not on top and resort to "world numbers" when it's in fact just "NPD reporting".

Just American numbers, just American. You know this.

I guess this is like saying Xbox 360 just passed 2 million in Japan. Really, who is paying attention besides MS.

Socomer 19793173d ago

isnt the standard to sell 10 million a year?
is this a entire years worth of sales in america only?
I failed math class years ago. numbers give me headaches.

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