Molyneux: Move won't be as big as Natal

VGArabia: Lionhead bossman Peter Molyneux thinks that Sony's motion controller isn't as big a step as something like Natal and he explains why.

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movements3170d ago

I'd expect him to say something like that. At least we know what Move is about, but Natal?

Come E3, we'll have a better idea.

vhero3170d ago

Indeed I too expected it. It wont be bigger but it will have a lot more money behind its advertising that's for sure. However see since MS pumps so much into advertising for its products it never makes more profit than Sony but does sell more numbers. As they are all that matter for MS as people gotta remember the 360 is the foothold for MS after the huge failure of the original Xbox.


Once people see it for the hype machine it is.....

leeger3170d ago

Molyneux's statements wont be as big as reality. I think we all know that.

rroded3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

no natal is fud (like so many other devs are saying it is)
that he loves move n wishes he could make fable knockoff #X on it?

lets face it dudes a ms puppet nothing more

edit n ya either way the only proof we'll have is after launch. im not overly stoked on either tho natal seems like a more original take lets jus hope they can get over the lag and huge footprint its leaving in the 360's available mem.

sikbeta3170d ago

Ah... is Molyneux, what do you expect, he only OVER-hype his own stuff...

hakis863170d ago

Fable 3 won't be as big as God of War 3


nycredude3170d ago

I think what he meant is Move's hype won't be as big as Natal's hype. This is guaranteed.

NOOBKILLA3170d ago

Don’t be a M$ whore Molyneux! I will most likely get both Natal and Move day 1; however I am anxious to see some really hardcore titles in action with both motion controllers. As of right now based on what we are hearing so far, the software for both Natal and Move is crap. I won’t be impressed by either one until I see a live demo of a hardcore came with both Natal and PS Move. I'm thinking the release date for both of them will be late October/early November (right before black Friday) so they have plenty of time to get all the bugs out.

Even though I like my PS3 more than my 360, if M$ can pull off Natal and achieve what we have seen in the videos then all the PS Move will be is a Wii HD.

beans3170d ago

Peter stated his personal opinion about Move and in no way was hating on it. Right now Natal is strictly hype until we can see what it does at E3. All you guys being so defensive and hating on Natal while praising Move are laughable.

JackBNimble3170d ago

"Molyneux claimed that Move won’t be as big as Natal because Sony’s device is quite precise so it will be more targeted for core than to the casual market".

So Sony's MOVE will target core gamers rather then the casual.... isn't that a good thing?

King_of _the_Casuals3170d ago

If you go by the media and all the hype they produce for a product then Peter Molyneux is 100% correct. The media is treating the Move like a Wii Clone while treating Natal as the next Great thing.

Death24943170d ago

Natal will sell in America and UK(Not Europe entirely, just like "Move" will sell in Japan and (PAL). I still want to know what you're suppose to do with that Live Vision cam that you purchased.

mastiffchild3170d ago

Whatever, Peter should have more class than to directly talk about the oppo when he's up to his neck in Natal. Personally, the whole Milo thing is horrible to even look at and genuinely creeps me out on many, many levels. thing is what was he going to say?

Certainly the media is more on the side of Natal but, for me, it's a total blank space right now. We don't know if it works, don't know how well it works, don't have a clue if it's even usable for the genres of games we, on here, would most like to play. how will they get around large game worlds? How will we "shoot" a gun with much sense of accurate trigger perception? The questions are endless right now while there are simply NO answers. I wasn't excited by the E3 demo, tbh, and have been fair enough about waiting to see something, anything that wows me about Natal(the most pointless thing, to me, is when people seem to think that it'll be a good way to navigate menus and change channels when, imo, pressing buttons is already a SERIOUSLY easy, totally fool[proof and convenient as all hell way of doing it. Why dowe need to change to gestures which, whatever way I cut it, MUST take more energy and movement than pressing a button or two, no? Puzzles me, honestly)so, come this E3, it's time for Natal to step up and justify the hype it's generated.

Honestly, I don't see much of what's exciting people but I'm willing to be blown away by anyone with a good idea but, just like Wii and Sony's Move, it's applications, to work at all, have to be BETTER than what we have now and that's nowhere near as easy as just getting these systems to work in some clever, admittedly clever, ways. If it can't be an improvement on a pad it can, like the others, pklainly sod off and until we see a lot better from it i remain waiting for the spark that, so far, has stayed well hidden behind nothing mini games, a lot of lag, a change to using 360 processing ,meaning no old games can use it. Show us the magic MS! Show us the magic and make us want what you have and make it work, amnd work better than anything else, on the games we like playing already AND find us new ones we might even like better.

Otherwise(and this goes for them all now as, imo, motion controls stand at a crossroads between a relevant future and becoming a little epitaph to failure along the road of game development)we'll just mess around for a bit and go back to our controllers. Not knocking any of them-MS talk a good game but there's no details while Sony have impressive accuracy but no killer software as yet and the Wii seems to be struggling to get Motion Plus being utilised by developers. I detect issues with the whole movement myself and either developers find great uses for this tech or it's going to prove a bit of a waste in the end. Certainly, imo, we haven't ever had what we hoped for from the Wii and we're yet to see anything better from the other two. Hope E3 brings the magic.

hakis863170d ago

That may be true, but HYPE ultimately leads to.. *insert thoughts*

Darrius Cole3170d ago

I personally am not all the concerned about motion controls on either platform. However move is the only one that I think has a possibility of seriously catching on with the mainstream gamer. I don't know that it will but I think that it can. Here is what I base it that on.

At GDC we saw that move can be used to play SOCOM 4. It kind of divorced the aiming reticule from the camera control. I can see that as being a major, crushing advantage over someone playing with a controller. It would be similar to the controller vs. keyboard and mouse debate. If the situation looks like this....

Player one has to use his thumb to move the stick which in turn moves the camera until the reticule centers on another moving player before he can kill his opponent.

Player two can use his whole hand and point at another player in a far corner of the screen, without having to wait on the camera, and press fire.

Player two has a major advantage, I dare say, a CRUSHING advantage. If it really does work out like that, then I can see all the hardcore Modern Warefare, and Killzone, and Resistance, and Battlefield players etc., buying one. They will have to.

kaya3170d ago

Fact: 50% of the crap that comes out of Molyneux mouth is either a lie or just nonsense purposed to over hype something and the other 50% is just pure garbage.

Fact: You're better of attempting to have a heart felt conversation with your pet beetle that try to work something of importance out of this mans mouth.

JokesOnYou3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

Damm you guys are so defensive, the guy didn't even hate on sony's "wii-move"(my words not his), he seemed to answer fairly but I guess somehow in the n4g reality you folks live in you really expect him to say "Move is tah greatest thing I ever seen!"

"Whatever, Peter should have more class than to directly talk about the oppo when he's up to his neck in Natal." -mastiffchild

--Yeah right "whatever" mastiff, as if a sony exec's show more "class" when answering direct questions about the competition. You act as if Peter simply flew off the handle bashing sonys move...he simply answered a question, quite intenlligently I might add, but of course just like any sony rep he's expected to still say they have a better product, right? Looks to me as if he was actually somewhat complimenting sonys efforts.

“Yes, I have seen some of it. We’re not really surprised, are we? I mean at E3 last year we saw they were having a wand, and that’s kind of what I expected. It looks like they’ve taken a step forward but it’s not as big a step as something like Natal, I don’t think. This is purely me talking personally, but I think maybe it’s slightly more a device for the core than it is for the casual market, because I think it’s quite precise.” -Peter Molyneux

“As a designer it’s another one of those things I’d love to get my hands on and to play around with. As a consumer, everyone’s talking about motion control now – I mean, I’m starting to get confused. It’s kind of like the arms race, with the Wii MotionPlus and now the Sony Move and now I’m getting kind of confused.” -Peter Molyneux

^^^^^Those are the entire quotes from Peter in this article, nothing bashing, not just the carefully selected misleading quote.


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immortal843170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

But i think that Natal will sell better than Move imo.

Natsu X FairyTail3170d ago

it sure will. We all know how good microsoft is with marketing.

But the real question is ; will Natal be better tgab Move?

There's doubt . imo

nycredude3170d ago

I agree with Natsu on this one. Natal will prob sell better but I doubt it will be as functional as the Move. MS is king of marketing and hype.

3170d ago
mastiffchild3170d ago

Vista flopped because it wasn't good enough and had all manner of problems. Zune flopped because it didn't really know what it's enemy was and was pitched all wrong, imo, as well as having it's own issues as well. Marketing jhad little to do with either one messing up. If a product isn't right or there isn't a market FOR it it will struggkle to sell but MAS have managed to get the media's ear with Natal and done it with NOTHING impressive to show them.

they market and price it well and it WILL sell but the big money is in the software and if that ends up being a load of mini game tosh will 360 gamers REALLY keep buying it? Sony, onnthe other hand haven't got the killer software either, yet, and haven't priced or bundled Move competitively in any way and, to me, might just have rendered it a fail before launch. If it's too expensive people won't buy it and support will die off right away. PSEyetoy all over again with Sony going at it all half arsed as they never really understood who they were selling it to in the first place. At least MS might have a picture of who they're aiming for with Natal as sony are pricing theirs at "gamer" prices while aiming for casuals who don't give a toss about HD and can get a Wii and playing for less than half the price of doing so by buying a PS3 AND move on top($400?). Seriously messed up, imo.

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Mr_Bun3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

MS is one gigantic hype machine...You won't be able to p|ss in a public toilet without seeing ads for Natal....that doesn't mean it will be better.

I'd agree that Natal is definitely more ambitious....the question is: How well will this transfer over to the final product....Not one video shows Natal living up to the hype.

Sony's "Move" is at least already being implemented into one of Sony's most hardcore FPSs (Socom)....What's natal going to be used with, other than shuffling around the dashboard?

hardcorehippiez3170d ago

socom is not a fps its a tps and from what im hearing move works very well with it. Time will tell. If it doesnt work out ill just use the ds as always and wait until they do get a game that works well. if anyone remembers the first motion games on the wii they will know that i took them a while to incorporate good controls into a game. As i said before time will tell but this could be huge.

Mr_Bun3170d ago

You're right....Third person....I had MAG on my mind when I wrote that

Def Warrant3170d ago

"Molyneux: Move won't be as big as Natal"

Yeah it won't have as much shovelware either. As long as sony applies rules like psn games, we should have more decent games.

hardcore19123170d ago

but we have to see something worthy to make us excited. I'm looking forward to what will the developers at Rare are going to do with Natal.